Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Ethics Winners
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Central Public Works Department
New Delhi
Blue Star Limited
[Construction] [Consumer Appliances]
Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is the Principal Engineering organization and Technical Advisor to the Government of India having expertise in all facets of built environment. CPWD envisages a lead role for itself in the execution, maintenance and standardization of built environment. Citizen's Charter is a joint effort between CPWD and its clients to improve the quality of services and ethical policies. The Committees on Public Grievance, SC/ST and Minority Welfare, Sexual Assault etc. exist in the organization to maintain welfare and ethics of employees. CPWD has made systematic reforms and leveraging of IT and technology for fairness, transparency and accountability in functioning. Blue Star Limited has presence in three types of products viz. Electro-Mechanical projects and Packaged Air- Conditioning systems; Unitary Products; Professional Electronics and Industrial Systems. The Code of Conduct specifically lists down the ethical conduct standards and responsibilities and obligations expected by the Board; and is applicable to all its stakeholders including external suppliers to ensure ethical conduct. The Company has a zero tolerance policy towards unethical conduct. It remains committed in its efforts towards empowering its workforce and promoting ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Gender Parity’. An electronic declaration of adherence to the Code by business partners is facilitated through company’s e-portal.
Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited
Dell International Services India Private Limited
[Insurance] [IT]
Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited is a Public Limited Company engaged in General Insurance. Company’s Ethical Code of Conduct serves as a basis for ethical decision-making in the conduct of business and related operations. The leaders demonstrate ethical behaviour, set standards and clear expectations for how their employees should act. All Directors execute Deed of Covenants with the Company as adherence to IRDAI guidelines. The Company has Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Policy to ensure gender safety. The Company follows various principles to ensure compliance and transparency in financial statement, accounting practices and procedures. Dell India has been among the fastest growing technology companies in the country. Company’s culture code is made up of five core values: ‘Customer first’, ‘Winning together’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Results’ and ‘Integrity’. Company’s commitment to Ethics is emphasised by integrity and how work is done, decisions taken; integrity is a cornerstone in everything and anything employees do. Company adheres to the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct for policies to meet or exceed the standards stipulated in the same Code of Conduct. Company uses a tool called ‘Inspire’ which allows encouragement and recognition of modelling Dell’s Culture Code pillars.
Blue Dart Express Limited
Blue Dart Express Limited is an independent and leading logistics entity incorporated in India. DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd. holds 75% of equity and Deutshe Post AG (Germany) is the ultimate holding company. DHL Board confirms its commitment and ethical behaviour towards the company, employees and stakeholders. The Company has in place ‘Code of Conduct for Board and Senior Employees’. The Company has a ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ signed by all vendors. Code of Conduct is handed over to employees at the first stage during induction. On-line training on ethics is provided. The Company has formulated the ‘Policy on Related Party Transactions/Disclosures’ for identification and resolution of conflict of Directors.
Special Commendation
Muthoot Capital Services Limited
Muthoot Capital Services Limited, Kochi is part of Muthoot Pappachan Group. The company has formulated a Code of Conduct to regulate, monitor and report trading by designated persons to prevent Insider Trading. The Company has specified an indicative list of Conflict of Interest which is laid out in the Code of Conduct of Board of Directors and Senior Management personnel. The company ensures that proper financial and accounting disclosures are made on quarterly basis in accordance with regulations.
Year 2018
Linde India Limited
Honeywell Automation India Limited
[Chemical] [Engineering]
Linde India Limited is delivering innovative and reliable products and services in speciality gases business. The company believes that its most valuable asset is reputation for uncomprising ethics. The Code of Ethics is adopted by the Board is applicable to all its employees, officers and directors. The company has induction programs on Code of Ethics and periodic e-learning courses and refresher programs for all employees. Annual customer satisfaction survey score in 2017 was 8.1 (on scale of 1 to 10). Honeywell Automation India Limited is a Fortune 100 Software Company that delivers customised solutions in aerospace and control technologies sub-sector. The Honeywell 'Business Conduct Code' is a corporate policy that applies to all employees and business partners. The company has formulated a policy for dealing with materiality of related party transactions. Contractual objectives include Integrity and compliance clauses, anti-bribery/Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) clause in the supply agreement to ensure ethical conduct. All employees are guided by code of conduct and Honeywell Workplace Harassment Policy. Private Limited
[Research and Analytics] Private Limited is a global professional service provider offering research, analytics and data management services. Employees are required to sign a declaration at the time of joining to acknowledge the understanding of Code of Business Ethics and committing to abide and comply by this code. The company has given utmost importance to competencies and skill sets in its workforce to ensure ethical conduct is followed. The company has a well-established procedure to measure customer satisfaction. The behaviour of senior management is guided by the leadership behaviour guide. Employees are prohibited from directly or indirectly taking any action to manipulate, mislead or frequently influence external and internal actions.
Year 2017
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd, New Delhi NMDC Limited
[Financial Services] [Mining & Metallurgy]
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) is a public financial institution under the Ministry of Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy, specializing in funding for renewable energy development. Through various Committees, IREDA Board monitors and reviews corporate governance and ethical practices like integrity, transparency, honesty, fairness and accountability. Code of Ethics and Barriers Conduct Policy is in place for employees and directors. IREDA has a Whistle Blower Policy and Vigil Mechanism, to check all irregularities and misconduct. IREDA provides all information to stakeholders, as per the Vision and Mission documents through awareness programme. ICRA has accorded AA rating for bonds (in year 2016-17) which is a testimony of ethical conduct. NMDC Limited is a Central Public Sector Undertaking involved in mining of minerals like iron ore, diamond, copper, limestone etc. NMDC has a Code of Conduct for Board members and senior management personnel, duly propagated. The acknowledgement and compliance certificate is taken every year from all concerned. NMDC has signed MOU with Transparency International since September 2007 to ensure transparency in operation. Properly documented Insider Trading Policy has been adopted to prevent any kind of malpractices. Shareholder grievances are handled and shared with all stakeholders on web portal. A Whistle Blower Policy has been in place and followed in letter and spirit. Accounting Standards Rules 2016 and other relevant acts, as recommended by SEBI guidelines, are followed.
Reliance Industries Limited
Delhi International Airport Limited
New Delhi
[Petrochemical] [Transportation (Aviation)]
Reliance Industries Limited is engaged in oil production, oil refining and petrochemical sectors. Vision, Mission and Values are propagated by the Board. The organisation has six core values, and to achieve vision and mission, all must honour core values. Values and behavior are declarations, how the organisation will treat its stakeholders. Code of Ethics is a guiding document demanding employees to do right things. Ethics compliance task force has been established by the board and reports to Audit Committee. Supplier Code of Conduct, for supply chain, is also in place. A Whistle Blower Policy is in place. 'R -Voice' is a fully confidential feedback survey is regularly conducted, which keeps a check on the conduct of employees. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has the largest airport operation in India and handles more than 40 million passengers yearly. DIAL monitors and reviews at board level all the ethical behavior issues and abnormalities. The Audit Committee and Ethics Council are responsible for monitoring and taking action on ethical issues apart from financial irregularities. It has a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which define standards of personal behavior and other aspects like equal opportunity, responsibility, discrimination, fraud etc. Ethics and Integrity Department keeps vigil on all transactions and behaviours of employees and suppliers. Ethics Manual and Anti-Fraud Policy are communicated to employees through hard copies and web portal. DIAL uses software 'Legatrix' for monitoring compliance of all regulatory and other matters.
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited
New Delhi
[Transportation (Rail)]
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) is a major player in transport sector of Delhi/NCR with an established 218 kilometers metro line. DMRC has Vision, Mission and Value document adopted by the Board. Values and Ethics is a part of culture of the organisation. DMRC has a model Code of Conduct for its employees including directors, other partners like contractors, professionals, consultants etc. With a Public Sector background, DMRC has established a benchmark in operation and procurement system and management of corporate governance. Zero Tolerance Policy, for any deviation in work or ethical practice in DMRC, is in place. Employees are trained for gender sensitization. Sustainability Report gives the approach towards various stakeholders. DMRC is participating in NOVA/CoMET group, for benchmarking and best practices adoption from mature metros of the world.
Year 2016
Carborundum Universal Limited
Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited
[Engineering] [Insurance]
Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) is a tripartite collaboration between Murugappa Group, the Carborundum Co., USA and the Universal Group Wheel Co. Limited, UK. The company's commitment to ethical and lawful business conduct is a fundamental shared value of the Board of Directors, the senior management and every employee of the company. It is guided by the values and beliefs signifying Integrity, Responsibility, Passion, Respect and Quality in all its activities. The internal audit team evaluates the effectiveness and adequacy of internal controls. The company conducts its business only with those vendors who comply with the legal and ethical standards. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Ltd is a Joint Venture between - Canara Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited. The Company has, in place, a specific Code of Conduct for all its employees. Board's commitment to corporate ethics is supported by a strong policy framework in the organization. The policies are aligned to the principles of transparency and fairness. The company aims at laying down a set of standards, policies and guidelines applicable to Directors and senior management team. Regular refresher trainings are conducted including orientation sessions to ensure consistent understanding and implementation of ethical behaviour across the organization.
Tech Mahindra Limited
Tech Mahindra Limited (TML), is a leading IT service provider in India, and offers full range of IT services and industry specific solutions. Its Corporate Responsibility (tone at the top) supports a corporate culture that encourages: ethical conduct; compliance with applicable law and intolerance of misconduct. The company's Code of Ethical Business Conduct (CEBC) and Anti-Bribery Policy cover ethical conduct for all the stakeholders. The CEBC Policy was approved by the Board and is reviewed every three years. It has Corporate Ombudsman who has day-to-day responsibility for overseeing the management of the Ethics programme. Ethics and Compliance program has the three action elements: Prevent, Detect and Respond.
Midmark (India) Private Limited
Midmark (India) Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Midmark Corporation, USA, is a provider of medical, dental and veterinary office equipment. Company has documented Code of Business Ethics & Conduct and Whistle Blower Policy. It has introduced the Sales Business Policy, Tender Operations Process, Technical Service Policy etc. which are formed around ethical business. For new inductees HRD imparts training on values and vision of the company with examples of expected behaviour. The HR department formulates the Corporate Code of Conduct, organizes online trainings on ethical business, and obtains declaration sign offs by every individual team mate. It has zero tolerance to violations and unethical business practices.