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Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, Government of UAE Azizi Bank
[Government] [Financial Sector (Banking)]
The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is a federal government ministry in the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry has designed an operational strategy which includes its functions and competencies and covers all aspects of the UAE labour market and international trends to define its policies of directives until 2031. The organization of the labour market aims at achieving efficiency, protection and flexibility and enhance the participation of national human resources and attract competencies. The Ministry has established a culture of innovation and has monitored the level of maturity in innovation by developing several strategic and operational indicators. Azizi Bank is the largest commercial bank in the Islamic Republic of Afganistan with 85 branches. Bank has a Strategic 2022 Plan that lays down objectives and guide activities. The key performance indicators are effectively defined. The plan has timelines and a defined process for monitoring progress. The Board meets every month to review the performance as per the strategic plan and targets undergo mid-course correction to bridge the gaps. Bank has a specific New Product Approval Policy. The Bank's assets grew from 417.50 Million USD in 2015 to 535.85 Million USD in 2017; and profits increased from 319,000 USD in 2015 to 2,455,000 USD in 2017.
Subros Limited
Cummins India Limited
[Automobile Ancillary] [Engineering]
Subros Limited, a joint venture Public Limited Company, with ownership of Suri Family, Denso Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of thermal engineering products for automotive application in India. Corporate Governance Policy envisages attainment of the highest level of transparency in accounting policies. Sustainability Roadmap has been defined for the organization. The company follows the Green Manufacturing philosophy on the basis of smaller, fewer, lighter, shorter and neater in its manufacturing facilities. Capital utilization has reached to 86% in 2017-18 against 82% in 2016-17. Its turnover was Rs. 1451 Crores. Cummins India Limited, Pune is a leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines. Three year planning process is adopted. Cummins measures, monitors and reviews changing requirement of legal, regulatory and ethical standards. Board has 11 Directors: 1 Promoter Executive Director, 5 Promoter Non-Executive Directors (including 1 Women) and 5 Independent Directors, Chairman and MD are separate. Cummins globally has institutionalized and established a global on-line learning avenue called 'Cummins Learning Centre'. Employees are trained for customer interface and interaction. Customer-centric metrics, communication and customer-led innovation are in place. Its turnover was Rs. 4958 Crores.
JSW Energy Limited
JSW Energy Limited, Mumbai is amongst India's leading power companies. The company follows COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework to identify, classify and respond to business risk and opportunities. Its Board is committed to ethics, transparency and accountability. Progress review is done on a daily basis at the plant, monthly basis on breakdown review by corporate office and quarterly review is done by its Board. Future-Fit Leaders Program is aimed to hone the executive's leadership skills and sharpen their capabilities. The company has KRA-Cum-Competency Individual Development Plan based on-line performance management systems. Its turnover was Rs. 8514 Crores in FY 2018.
Year 2018
Spicer India Private Limited
WNS Global Services (P) Limited
[Automobile Ancillary] [BPO]
Spicer India Private Limited (SIPL), established in 1993, is a joint venture between Dana Incorporated USA & ANAND Group, India. The company is a leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier of automotive suppliers. SIPL has developed a Compliance Tool to assess the compliance with legal requirements applicable to various processes and operations. SIPL has managed to be in the Top Band of 'Great Place to Work' companies for 4 years, by setting up global standards of 4M (Manpower, Machine, Material, Method) management comparative. Business Excellence in performance of the company has resulted in enhanced innovation, idea generation and product reliability. WNS Global Services (P) Limited, Mumbai, a 100% subsidiary of WNS (Holdings) Limited, which is a Global Business Process Management leader. It offers portfolio of industry specific services relating to finance and accounting, research and analytics, technology services, legal services and human resource outsourcing. Leadership and Management balance strategic initiatives to deliver enhanced value to customers in the wake of changing market dynamics. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is used before launching a new process to validate the design. HR training focus is on building leadership talent with the ability to strategize globally and develop capacity to lead through substantive changes.
Grasim Industries Limited
Unit: Indian Rayon
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited
Navi Mumbai
[Chemical] [Consultancy]
Grasim Industries Limited, Unit: Indian Rayon, Veraval, a part of Aditya Birla Group, is a leading manufacturer of Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY). New product development/services needs are aligned with business strategy to capture various differentiated product attributes that can be potentially delivered to customers. Process to capture Voice of Customer has been established and is translated into the product/service features. A yearly customer visit calendar is established where plant team from various sections visit the customer to get the hands on experience of customer needs and expectations. Capgemini Technology Services India Limited is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Board determines overall strategy and oversees their implementation through a number of committees for ensuring good corporate governance practices. It has designed and implemented comprehensive quality management system to meet or exceed client expectations. It has a unique system and process to identify, develop and nurture talent. Formerly “OTACE” (On Time and Above Client Expectation) programme is in place wherein customer is required to provide score/feedback on the services executed on defined frequency.
Global Indian International School
Tokyo Campus
Danieli India Limited
[Education & Training] [Engineering]]
Global Indian International School (GIIS), Tokyo was founded in 2006,as a part of the global initiative of Global Schools Foundation (GSF). Setting up of Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE) in 2008 was an initiative that has had a direct impact on the performance. Senior Executives promote continual improvement and innovation in the organization. Strategic objectives derived from strategic challenges and planning process are translated for deployment into specific Key Performance Indicators and measures for financial as well as non-financial action plans. All employees gets a fair chance of demonstrating their commitment to currency and competence. Danieli India Limited (DIL) is a public listed company with Headquarters in Italy and Corporate offices at Chennai and Mumbai. DIL is a leading EPC company and manufacturer and supplier of equipment and machinery for steel making, steel product industries. DIL has obtained significant benefits with implementation of Business Excellence Model via enhanced innovation, increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiency and product reliability. Senior leaders listen to others to create trust and transparency by open communication. Centre of Competence (COC) team works on constant evaluation of all potential opportunities and evaluations. Its suggestions scheme named PRODACTION evaluates all suggestions.
Muthoot Microfin Limited
Delhi International Airport Limited
New Delhi
[Financial Services] [Transportation (Aviation)]
Muthoot Microfin Limited, Kochi is the microfinance arm of the Muthoot Pappachan Group. It is the th 4 largest microfinance institution in India focusing on underprivileged customers. Senior Leaders promote continual improvement by encouraging innovation, employee feedback, employee exit interviews, staff satisfaction survey and client satisfaction survey. Board is investing time and capital in technology and processes to deliver both commercial benefits and sustainability gains. Corporate office governs the business by endorsing globally accepted principles to achieve business excellence. The company is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Certified for implementing adequate global standards for client protection. Tolerance levels for risk mitigation measures have been embedded in software. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), a joint venture consortium of GMR Group, Airport Authority of India and Fraport, operates, maintains and develops IGIA. DIAL follows the Leadership Development Program (LDP) to develop internal leaders and increase their effectiveness. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)matrix is created during Annual Strategic Planning Workshop to identify strengths and opportunities.'Blind Spot Analysis' is done to ensure that all the business assumptions are considered for annual strategy. Production innovation is done based on inputs from customers and from benchmarked products developed by other airports. Delhi Airport is the first Carbon Neutral Airport in Asia Region.
Year 2017
eClerx Services Limited
UltraTech Cement Limited
Aditya Cement Works
[BPO] [Cement]
eClerx Services Limited (eClerx) is a specialist Knowledge and Business Process Outsourcing (KPO/BPO) company. The Board ensures that through corporate governance principles, the strategy and policy of the organisation are compatible for long term sustainability. eClerx works on a customer centric operating model. The company has automated compliance tool and each department in the organisation is required to update the status of their compliances on monthly basis. The managers view their human resources/employees as an asset rather than as a variable cost. UltraTech Cement Limited, Aditya Cement Works is a unit of Aditya Birla Group producing Portland Cement, Pozzolana Cement and OPC-53C. It follows the Aditya Birla Group model of Business Excellence Framework and has a strategic plan deployment at the unit level with three guiding factors vision-mission, planning and budgeting and value driver analysis. Strategic planning process is carried out at the corporate level and implemented at the unit level. The organisation is focused to improve its management process by innovation in every step and continuous monitoring of defined KPIs in line with goals and policies. On-line appraisal of the performance management system ensures transparency.
Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited
Navi Mumbai
[Chemical (Distillery)] [Consultancy]
Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited is the largest single stream molasses based distillery using flexible manufacturing process. It has established cross-functional team to meet the requirement of business excellence with emphasis on reduction of GHC emissions, energy conservation and water conservation. HR team acts as a strategic partner to achieve its business objectives by creating an environment for an engaged work force. The company has developed multiple listening and learning approaches to interact and observe customers. Community development initiatives are focused on education, healthcare, environment, community enhancement and sports. Capgemini Technology Services India Limited is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Board determines overall strategy and oversees their implementation through a number of committees for ensuring good corporate governance practices. It has designed and implemented comprehensive quality management system to meet or exceed client expectations. It has a unique system and process to identify, develop and nurture talent. Formerly “OTACE” (On Time and Above Client Expectation) programme is in place wherein customer is required to provide score/feedback on the services executed on defined frequency.
The New India Assurance Company Limited
DHL Express (India) Pvt Ltd
[Insurance] [Logistics]]
The New India Assurance Company Limited is a fully Government of India owned undertaking providing general insurance services. Board leadership ensures sustainable improvements in corporate valuations by providing strategic guidelines and oversight regarding management decisions. The quantum of risk management is undertaken in pursuit of organizational objectives. Board plays a pro-active role in finalizing and approving the risk appetite. Pro-active approach of the board always ensures that the risks are resolved at early stages. Audit Committee plays a crucial role and its reports are considered at every quarterly interval. The company fulfills all compliance obligations. DHL Express India provides solutions for logistics needs in over 220 countries. Their Four Pillars of the focus strategy – “Motivated People, Great Service Quality, Loyal Customers and Profitable Network are brought to life and reinforced by the employees through simplicity and ease of understanding across countries and cultures. Each quarter, managers estimate the impact of future scenarios, evaluate the opportunities and risks for their departments, and present planned measures as well as those already taken. Their internal control system has defined 12 processes and each process is further divided into various controls. They have a process of performing vulnerability assessment, penetration and acquiring safety certificate
World Security
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited
[Security Services] [Transportation (Aviation)]
World Security is a large service oriented independent business unit under the umbrella of DP (Dubai Port) World and offers a comprehensive security solution. WS management implements EFQM (European Foundation Quality Model) in the organisation which comprises of 24 enablers criteria. Strategic Head conducts SWOT analysis once in a year. The yardsticks used to measure business excellence include market share, market perception, society perception survey, client retention rate, and staff retention rate. HR focuses on employee nurturing, engagement, motivation and recognition using the best of the employees and continual training and awareness programme. GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited is the First Public Private Partnership Greenfield Airport project in India. The key business risks and opportunities are identified during the annual strategic plan process and categorized in various groups based on relative likelihood of occurrence and impact. It has rigorous internal control system which is not only meant for internal check and internal audit but the whole system of controls is implemented to carry on the business in an orderly and transparent manner.
Year 2016
Subros Limited
Tech Mahindra Limited
Business Services Group
[Automobile Ancillaries] [BPO]
Subros Ltd, a manufacturer of thermal engineering products for automobile application, has developed good corporate governance as a culture and eco-system of consistency, responsibility, accountability, fairness, transparency, and effectiveness deployed through PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to promote process approach. Risk management framework has a robust risk identification and risk mitigation management process. The delivery performance for original equipment manufacturer has achieved zero failure during the last three years. The process of innovation is linked to growth. Tech Mahindra Ltd, Business Services Group (BSG), caters to IT enabled services and business process outsourcing. It conducts, annual planning workshops for the top management every March to convert long-term strategy into the annual plan for the coming financial year. The business management system is an integrated system of processes based on the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) focused on continuous improvement of its quality products. Delivery value is ensured through continuous improvement in solutions management and innovation.
Timken India Limited
UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd
[Engineering] [Financial Services]
Timken India Limited, a global leader in manufacturing bearings, has focused on continual improvement in the organization driven by Timken TQMS and Timken Lean Model. Structural review mechanism exists at operational level to review improvement on a regular basis. It promotes innovation supported by reward and recognition mechanism. Total active executive support, effective communication and employee involvement is ensured through organizational planning and competitive analysis. Business continuity plan is effectively in place and is continually upgraded. UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd, a financial institution carefully assesses major risks including credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risks. The company has an Asset Liability Management Committee which ensures a balance between fund mobilization and its deployment to mitigate the liquidity risk. The Risk Management Committee is responsible for ensuring identification, analysis and mitigation of risks on a periodical basis. IT Division has been implementing new technologies for delivering latest facilities and business values to its customers.
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
Sterlite Copper (A unit of Vedanta Limited)
[Insurance] [Mining & Metallurgy]
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd, a large private sector general insurance company in India, focuses on managerial compliance and improvement of organizational performance. The process of validating the design of the product or service is conducted through a series of stages: validation by the process/production head; validation by the Actuarial team, validation by the legal team; and validation by product filing team which ensures that IRDA guidelines are met. Deeksha Learning Centre, an in-house effort, provides required skills and training and internal certification. Vendata Limited – Sterlite Copper, a leading copper producer in India, has a strong Kaizen system in place that enables the employees to suggest the ideas to the management. The company follows the quality management system and 5S process as the key drivers. Its sustainability report provides a platform for benchmarking processes and management system. It has in place manufacturing integration and intelligence to have real-time alerts for defined exceptions on the process parameters across the plant. The company has a risk policy in place. Business level Risk Mapping has been carried as a part of ISO 55001 – Asset Management System, certification incorporating the ISO 31000 guidelines.
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
New Delhi
Essar Oil Limited
[Oil Production] [Oil Refining]
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, (ONGC), the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in India, deploys technical innovations in improving operational performance. The Perspective Plan 2030 projects the company to double its production by 2030 and focuses on building sustainable portfolio to transform ONGC as a global company. The Risk Policy mandates Risk Management Committee to review risk appetite, risk profile, risk reporting structure, identification of new and emerging risks, categorization and quantification of risks and role of internal audit in Enterprise–wide Risk Management (ERM). Essar Oil Ltd, an oil refining and marketing company, has robust internal control system providing assurance of recording the transactions of its operations in all material aspects and of providing protection against misuse of company assets. The Risk Committee has been established for effective management and laying down robust management framework. The company is using various statistical methods and tools to optimize the operation by analyzing the capabilities of the crude oil refining process units. Advance process control is used in all process units and continuous monitoring of various parameters is carried out.
NHPC Limited
National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited
New Delhi
[Power] [Real Estate & Construction]
NHPC Ltd, a Mini Ratna Hydro Power Generation Company, undertakes enterprise resource planning for every division/unit and maintains their data base. NHPC has an effective intra-organisational communication system. NHPC has developed a vision to be a world class transnational organization for generation of power through conventional and non-conventional energy sources. The risk management framework is in place as per the Risk Policy. Schemes for encouraging and rewarding unlocking creativity and innovation at workplace are in place. National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd, a Navratna Enterprise, is focused on construction projects undertaken through public funding. NBCC has a risk policy that identifies risk and management strategy to reduce, eliminate or transfer the risk through better design and value engineering. The company creates high quality business with higher performance index at market competitive rates. Continuous efforts are made on quality, value engineering, eco-friendly material use and cost competitiveness. A thrust on innovation is linked to achieving excellence in performance.
Welspun Renewables Energy Pvt Ltd
World Security
[Renewable Energy] [Security Services]
Welspun Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd, an independent developer of renewable energy projects in India, follows practices integrating risk management into culture and strategic decision making. Welspun has promoted a number of innovative ideas to maximize output from photovoltaic systems per unit area of land available. The company conducts Business System Assessment as part of annual strategic planning exercise using “RADAR” logic (Results, Approaches, Deploy, Assess and Refine) to develop annual strategic projects. World Security, a unit under DP World provides total security solutions to the group business units and has a Risk Policy in place incorporating effective communication, implementation and monitoring and control mechanism. The company has effectively adopted ISO 31000 – Risk Management Principles while addressing various types of corporate risks. It has multiple channels to promote continual improvement and innovation inside the organization. In-depth review of stakeholder satisfaction is regularly conducted. Audits as per international standards are conducted to ensure operational discipline.