Golden Peacock Environment Management Award (GPEMA) Winners
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Hyundai Motor India Limited
Concentrix Daksh India Services Private Limited
[Automobile] [BPO]

Hyundai Motors India Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company. It is the second largest passenger car manufacturer in India. It produces 10 models of cars in India. Overall specific energy consumption trend is reduced year by year due to various measures adopted. Renewable power utilization resulted in saving of 156,052 tons of CO2e during the year 2018. Strong R&D facility exists to develop new technology to produce next generation eco-friendly cars.

Concentrix Daksh is the outsourced business services division of SYNNEX Corporation, USA. Concentrix helps its clients differentiate and improve business outsourcing through customer engagement, innovative technology, analytics etc. Concentrix is the first BPO in India to get ISO 14001:2015 certification. Its environment policy addresses protection and prevention of environment, sustainability and conservation of natural resources. Ban on distribution of beverages in PET (plastic) bottles across offices in India saved 30,000 kg of plastic waste generation.

J. K. Cement Limited
JK Cement Works
UltraTech Cement Limited
Baga Cement Works
[Cement] [Cement]

JK Cement Limited is an affiliate of JK Industrial Organization. JK Cement Works, Nimbahera is an integrated cement plant with waste heat recovery power plant and captive thermal power plant. Its main product is grey cement. It has taken all the legal validation as required under the law. It stopped using asbestos hand gloves, asbestos shells etc. Use of low emission alternatives to fossil fuels, promoting and increasing energy efficiency are initiatives for clean technology. Pet coke is used in kiln as fuel to replace coal. Manufacturing technology is updated so as to capture quality and energy efficiency measures.

Baga Cement Works is a unit of UltraTech Cement Limited, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. 450 hours of environment management training imparted to management cadre and staff. Environmental monitoring of in-plant facilities conducted by NABL approved external agency. Wet pond fly ash utilization upto 33% has resulted in conservation of minerals in the form of limestone. Average energy saving was 9.51% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18.

Godrej Industries Limited
Chemical Division
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
New Delhi
[Chemical & Fertilizer] [Engineering]

Godrej Industries Limited, Chemical Division has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at two locations in India. It manufactures fatty alcohol to enable customisation of products and oleo-chemical, surfactants, glycerine etc. Average energy consumed per ton of product has reduced to 4% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Average water consumption has reduced to 8% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Specific CO2 emission is reduced 10% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Specific carbon footprint is reduced by 42% from base year 2010-11. Clean technology initiatives launched include use of low emission alternatives to fossil fuels and promoting and increasing energy efficiency.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), a Maharatna Company, is an integrated power plant equipment manufacturer. Company’s all units are compliant with all applicable legal requirements. Energy intensity of produce in GTO-ED (Gross turnover-Excise duty) reduced approximately 2% in 2017-18 vs 2016-17. 30% water was reused in 2017-18 vs 2016-17. Development of advanced ultra supercritical technology helped in reducing carbon footprint across many thermal power plants. BHEL’s eight manufacturing units have become zero liquid discharge units. Capacity of Solar Power Plant of 27.5 MWP was installed across BHEL plants.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited
Infosys Limited

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited produces nutrition, wellness and oral care categories of products. Average power consumption has reduced by 6% in 2017-18 vs 2016-17. Use of agri-waste bio-mass for steam generation has resulted in reduction of 51706 tons of CO2e emissions. Approximately 72% of coal used is replaced with bio-mass fuel. Water consumption reduced by 40% in 2017-18. Automotive monitoring and control of combustion has increased boiler use efficiency. Air emissions through stacks are monitored by authorized lab to control environment pollution.

Infosys Limited is a leading provider of consulting, technology, outsourcing, next-generation services and software. The company is a global leader in corporate response to climate change. Infosys has achieved LEED Platinum Rating Certification with 11.7 Million sq. ft. of green buildings. Reduction of 13.89 kwh/capita power consumption was achieved in 2018-19 compared to 2017-18. 80% of energy is supplied from renewable energy sources. Total of 1.937 MW Solar Panels installed at Bangalore Development Centre. Infosys M&C Building is the first radiant panel based cooling in India. 45,000 PET (plastic) bottles are sent for conversion into flakes monthly and no bottle reaches landfill. It has a zero effluent discharge campus.

National Aluminium Company Limited
Panchpatmali Bauxite Mine
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
New Delhi
[Mining & Metallurgy] [Oil Production]

National Aluminium Company Limited was established to exploit East Coast Bauxite deposit. This unit is a captive bauxite mine. The overburden material generated from mining is completely utilized for backfilling of mined out areas. 5 numbers of rain water harvesting structures constructed resulting in storage of 50,000 cum of rain water. Use of 100 MT dumpers in place of 50/55 MT dumpers resulted in saving of fuel. Specific water consumption reduced by 13.6% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. The mine has zero discharge of effluents. Over-burden material generated from mining is completely utilized for backfilling of mined out areas.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), a Maharatna Public Sector Enterprise, is engaged in exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. It is marketing its domestic products, mainly crude oil to public sector oil companies. Average energy consumed per tonne of produce has decreased by 8% in 2017-18 vs 2016-17. It has installed 12 MW solar power plants and 153 MW wind power plants across various centres. ONGC has reduced its gas flare from 529.99 MMSCM in 2016-17 to 449.58 MMSCM in 2017-18 by compressing low pressure natural gas into high pressure and making it available to market.

Reliance Industries Limited
Vadodara Manufacturing Division
NTPC Limited
[Petrochemical] [Power]

Reliance Industries Limited, Vadodara Manufacturing Division is the largest integrated petrochemical complex comprising of naphtha cracker and 15 downstream plants for the manufacture of polymers, fibre intermediates and chemicals. Environment Management System is used as driver to protect environment by preventing pollution and continually improving the ambient air. 2% reduction in energy consumption in current year with regard to energy consumption in previous year has been observed. 125,879 cum of total water conserved during year 2018-19. Green initiative taken by co-processing of incinerable hazardous waste to cement industry. Changeover from methanol to water reduced effluent load by 156 cum/day.

NTPC Limited, Dadri is one of the power stations of NTPC Limited a Maharatna Central PSU. Water consumption has decreased to 315.47 Lakh cum in 2018-19 vs 329.30 Lakh cum in 2017-18. 15 MW Solar Thermal Block is integrated with existing thermal plant at Dadri, making it the first Thermal hybrid plant in Asia resulting in higher solar thermal efficiencies of 24.25% against standalone 16-17%. Specific water consumption reduced by 2.5% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. 100% utilization of fly ash is done for last 6 years. A CDM Project prepared and registered for 5 MW solar PV Power Plant.

Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited
Steel Authority of India Limited
New Delhi
[Steel (Private)] [Steel (PSU)]

Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited, Hisar is one of the largest stainless steel conglomerates in India. It has a production capacity of 0.8 MT per annum. It manufactures multiple grades of stainless steel. Reduction of 21.19% in energy consumption in 2018-19 against 2017-18 due to various initiatives taken. Solar Photovoltaic Power System of 650 Kwh installed saving 8,70,000 kwh energy and 7,93,440 Kg CO2 emission per year. 100% recycling of pollution dust, neutralized filter cake from Effluent Treatment Plant are part of reuse and recycling strategy. Specific water consumption decreased to 2.53 cum/ton in 2018-19 against 2.59 cum/ton in 2017-18. GHG emission as 2.89 tCO2eq/ton is better than 2.9 tCO2eq/ton world average.

Steel Authority of India Limited has its production units at Bhilai, Durgapur, Rourkela, Bokaro and Burnpur which accounted for 16.05 Million tonnes of steel in 2018-19. Basic Oxygen Furnace slag is recycled to the extent of 57% internally. Energy consumption reduced by 8.54% in 2018-19 against 2017-18. Specific water consumption has reduced by 10% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Coke dry quenching used instead of conventional wet quenching of coke resulted in saving water consumption by 2.2% in 2018-19 against 2017-18. Blast furnace slag used for cement making, slag wool manufacturing, road making etc. as part of clean technology usage.

Raymond UCO Denim Private Limited
[Textile & Apparel]

Raymond UCO Denim Private Limited, a joint venture between Raymond Limited and UCO NV – Belgium, largely focuses on fancy and multi-count yarn fashion denims. Specific thermal energy consumption reduced by 7.01% in 2017-18 vs 2016-17. 177560 cum of water saved in 2018-19 which amounts to 6 litres of water per square meter manufacturing by recycling and reuse measure. 150 kw solar power plant helped in reducing energy consumption by 5% over last 2 years. It is zero liquid discharge unit.

Special Commendation - Golden Peacock Environment Management Award

Prism Johnson Limited
Uflex Limited
Chemicals Business

Prism Johnson Limited, Cement Division commenced production in 1997. It manufactures Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) with brand name ‘Champion’. Prism Johnson ensures sensitivity towards the environment and waste reduction by encouraging green initiatives. Training on environmental awareness was imparted to staff members and workmen. 652608 MT of waste generated in 2018-19 was reused in the production process. Voluntarily sharing management practices with suppliers like road safety, fleet management as part of environment awareness initiative.

Uflex Chemical Division is a part of UFLEX Limited. Uflex Chemical Division was established in October 1994. Uflex Chemical Division manufactures liquid inks, adhesives and speciality coatings. It reduced energy consumption by 17% in 2018-19 against 2017-18. Average water consumption reduced by 9.5% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Launched UV-LED controlled and operated sheet fed offset coatings which reduced energy consumption by 70-80% at customer’s end, compared to conventional coatings. Uflex provides sustainable and environment friendly process solutions.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Unit-III (a part of Aurobindo group) is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Hyderabad. This unit manufactures seven major therapeutic/product areas, including antibiotics, gastroenterologist, anti-diabetics and anti-allergic products. Its power consumption has reduced by 6.7% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Average water consumed per ton of produce has decreased by 6% in 2018-19 vs 2017-18. Enclosed powder transfer systems introduced in the production area to avoid powder exposure into environment during manufacturing.

Year 2018
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
UltraTech Cement Limited
Ready Mix Concrete Division
[Automobile] [Cement]

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL), Manesar facility houses three fully integrated world class state-of-the-art plants for manufacturing automobiles. MSIL follows OHSAS 18,001:2007 in all their departments. Software for issue of control of work permit along with recording and tracking of incidents including near misses is used to subsequently undertake post-incident analysis alongwith corrective actions. Each employee is to provide one safety suggestion per month and is trained once in 6 months on safety topics. All employees and contract workers are subjected to safety training. No accident has taken place since inception of the plant in 2006.

UltraTech Cement Limited, Ready Mix Concrete Division is the largest Ready-Mix Plant in India. The Company is one of the pioneers in publishing Sustainability Reports as per GRI guidelines. It has wellstructured environment policy and stakeholders' engagement plans. It has used concrete recycling technology and filter paper to reduce water consumption and saved around 4 million liters of water in two years. It has implemented eco-mapping for benchmarking and improving their performance. UltraTech became first cement company in the world to get carbon credits in Dec 2006 on alternative fuel and later got six projects registered with UNFCCC.

PI Industries Limited
L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited Offshore BV
[Chemical & Fertilizer] [Engineering]

PI Industries Limited, Panoli, Bharuch plant is an active ingredient manufacturing facility. It is one of the leading agrochemical company in India. It has shifted from Product with 'high toxic' content to 'low toxic' content which has reduced adverse impact on surroundings. Reduction of waste is achieved by substituting with the new material. It has reduced ETP waste by 59% and incinerable waste by 55% in last two financial years. Total fresh water consumption per ton of product is reduced by 10 percent. Energy per MT of product reduced from 13.34 MWh/MT in 2016-17 to 11.48 MWh/MT in 2017-18.

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited, Offshore BV, Mumbai is business vertical of L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering which is wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Environment is one of the agenda in Management Meetings and environment performance is discussed at quarterly management meetings. Environment aspect and impact study is conducted for every project to protect environment from adverse impact of business operations. Digital platform is used for recording inspections, audits, preventive maintenance scheduling and updating. Reduction in emissions and hazardous waste is achieved by means of utilization of high quality fuels.

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited
New Delhi
IBM India Private Limited
[Financial Services] [IT]

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) is a Non-Banking Financial Institution in public sector. The organisation has a strong environmental governance mechanism facilitating renewable energy projects through selective funding of meritorious proposals. It has submitted 'Footprint Study' in line with the GHG Protocol Standards. IREDA insists on strict high standard of compliance for the projects being financed by it. These include reductions in effluents and emissions, effective greening through plantation in available areas and good housekeeping using environment friendly products. During the year 2016-17, IREDA supported projects with a total capacity of 2290.80 MW.

IBM India Private Limited, Bangalore, is a leader in IT sector and helps clients to solve complex business and technical issues by delivering deep business process and industry expertise. PELM-'Product End of Lifecycle Management' is adopted. Under the scheme-51% of waste is recycled, 40% resold, 2.4% is converted to energy, and 0.6% is sent to landfill. Packaging materials and plastics are recycled. 65% of hazardous waste was recycled voluntarily. IBM has achieved third generation GHG emission reduction of CO . Big data analytics is offered to municipal bodies to reduce water consumption and energy use.

Wipro Limited
National Aluminium Company Limited
Smelter Plant
[IT] [Mining & Metallurgy]

Wipro Limited is a privately held public limited company providing IT services to enterprises across the globe. One of the strategic objectives is to engage in systematic issues that are force multiplication for social change and sustainable development. Top management is provided training/appreciation sessions on ISO 14001. Sustainability Report as per GRI-4 is published and is available on their website. Major parameters monitored include stack monitoring, noise, indoor air quality, ambient air quality, raw water/RO water quality, sludge analysis; STP treated water and used oil. Reduction of 4% in energy consumption in 2016-17 was achieved over the previous year.

National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) is a Public Sector involved in aluminum manufacturing. Its Smelter Plant has 4.6 lakhs Ton / Year capacity of liquid Aluminium metal based on state-of-art advanced technology. All its units are zero discharge units with recycling and reuse of process water. Environment friendly measures include: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lining of holding pool 1, 2 & 3: Concreting of courtyard of potlines, use of large industrial vacuum cleaners in potlines to collect spilled material, and secured hazardous waste landfill for disposal of hazardous material. The Smelter is recycling almost 100% Aluminium Dross (Hazardous Waste).

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
Hazira Plant
Orient Paper & Industries Limited
Orient Paper Mills
[Oil Production] [Paper]

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a Public Sector Undertaking. Hazira plant has a range of products i.e. Naptha, Propane, Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO) etc. ONGC is the first PSU to have a Policy on Sustainability and Climate Change. All employees have compulsion to go through training session for environmental aspects and pollution control. 100% of treated effluent is reused as service water in the plant and no discharge is made to river. Energy consumption is reduced by 2.79%. Intake of fresh water from River Tapti reduced by 900 cubic meter/day. Three CDM projects have been promoted. Steam condensate all over the plant is reused and recycled.

Orient Paper & Industries Limited, Orient Paper Mills, Amlai is producing writing, printing, industrial and tissue paper. Company policy focuses on optimum utilization of coal fuel and other resources. Training is imparted to officers/workmen on environment related issues like awareness, wastage reduction, and disposal of wastes. Company recycles bamboo dust, black liquor and lime through various established means. Reduced consumption of chlorine in process is reduced by upgradation of pulp mill. Average energy consumption has decreased by 55 KWH/tonne in 2017-18 as compared to 2016-17. The company has become 'Carbon Positive Company'.

Cadila Healthcare Limited
Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Power]

Zydus Cadila is a fully integrated, global healthcare provider and it produces drug materials like APIs and intermediates. Eco-friendly natural gas is used in boiler operation. New technology screw type blower is installed in ETP operator replacing old conventional blower. The newly installed blower consumes less electricity with increased working efficiency. Heat integration (waste heat recovery) is used. Consumption of raw water has decreased in 2017-18. Treated water from RO Plant is used in cooling towers, boilers and for gardening activities.

Lalitpur Power Generation Company Limited (LPGCL) is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Bajaj Hindusthan Group. It is coal based power generating company located in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh. It has adopted GHG Protocol Standards for quantifying GHG emissions. Both in-house and external training programmes on environmental issues are being conducted for its employees, their families as well as local community, customers and suppliers. Quantity of LDO/HFO (Light Diesel Oil/ Heavy Fuel Oil) used has been reduced from 0.041 KL/MW in 2015-16 to 0.0021 KL/MW in 2016-17. Zero discharge has been maintained and water reutilized in ash slurry formation. GHG emission has also been controlled to 0.0151 Tonnes/MW.

Sembcorp Energy India Limited
JSW Steel Limited
[Power] [Steel]

Sembcorp Energy India Limited, Nellore is a leading independent power producer (IPP) in India with 3.57 GW of operating power capacity and 0.50 GW under construction. Sembcorp has done a stakeholder mapping exercise in accordance with the AA1000 stakeholder engagement standard. It has adopted blended coal firing, resulting in less emission, less ash generation and reduced auxiliary power consumption. 1% saving in auxiliary power consumption is recorded. It encourages vendors who are environment friendly or ISO 14001 certified. Clean and green drives are conducted in surrounding villages involving staff participation.

Main products of JSW Steel Limited, Dolvi Works are automotive steel, pipelines, LPG cylinder grade/CORTEN, pressure vessel steel etc. Raw material consumption reduction from 4.72 to 2.97t/tcs was achieved. Reduction in hazardous waste, solid waste generation and stack emission was observed. JSW earned 2537 ESCert (Energy Saving Certificate) of PAT Scheme of BEE. Coke oven gas is used in replacing fossil fuel e.g. Natural Gas Con Arc Technology for steel making and online Compact Strip Production (CSP) for hot rolled coil, resulting in energy conservation. In Carbon Disclosure Project overall rank of JSW Steel st plant was 1 in India in 2016-17.

Raymond UCO Denim Private Limited
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Limited
[Textile & Apparel] [Transportation (Ports)]

Raymond UCO Denim Private Limited, Yavatmal is a joint venture between M/s Raymond Ltd and M/s UCO Sportswear Belgium, with a capacity of 48 million units of Denim. The company has well-defined Environment Policy. The unit has 100% recycling biological sludge dryer. Raymond has state of the art biological plant with process treatment without adding chemicals. Raymond is developing denim fabric from recycled PET bottles and plastic food trays. Sustainable indigo dyeing process has been introduced with complete elimination of hydrosulphite.

Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ), a part of Adani Port, Mundra is India's largest commercial port and has a SEZ contiguous to port. Company's Environment Policy focuses on pollution prevention, preservation and protection of environment at all times. Company is publishing Sustainability Report as per GRI–4. Mechanized handling for coal and dry bulk cargo is adopted. Conversion of diesel operated cranes to electric mode has resulted in 95% saving in diesel consumption and 70% reduction in operation costs also reducing carbon emission. Mundra Port is a 'zero waste port'. Treated water is utilized 100% for horticulture.

Year 2017
Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd
Bosch Limited
[Automobile] [Automobile Ancillary]

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd (DICV) is a 100% subsidiary of Daimler, manufacturers of premier cars and commercial vehicles. The organisation plans all stages of manufacturing to ensure optimal environmental protection and energy efficiency. Priority is given to monitoring atmosphere (GHG emissions through stack and ambient), fresh water, treated sewage & effluent water. Specific electricity consumption has decreased by 3.9% in 2016 compared to 2015 due to measures taken for conservation; total raw water reduction in 2016 amounted to 1.5 lakh KL against consumption in previous year.

Bosch Limited, Nashik product applications are in automobile, marine, stationery engines, locomotive segments. Nashik Plant manufactures innovative, high efficiency diesel injectors. The Environment Policy emphasizes that products be developed and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. The plant uses clean technologies that include: recycling more than 2500 MT of waste; 100% treatment and recycling of domestic water and process waste water which is then used for gardening & cooling tower; low carbon content steels used as raw material; use of solar energy as substitute for fossil energy; and replacing furnace oil with LPG.

ACC Limited
Chanda Cement Works
Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited
Kalol Unit
[Cement] [Chemicals & Fertilizers]

Chanda Cement Works of ACC Limited is using pollution control equipment and cleaner operational technology. Environment monitoring is done with stack emission monitoring (PM10, PM 2.5), gaseous emission, fugitive emission, effluent water monitoring, and treated water monitoring at regular intervals. Ambient noise and work place noise are also monitored. 11% less water was used in 2016 as compared to 2015. Energy efficient technologies are used to ensure reduction in NOx emissions.

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), Kalol is the oldest unit of IFFCO currently producing urea fertilizer. Strict compliance has ensured that there is no penalty or public complaint regarding environment related issues. Innovative 3 features of environment management includes: energy saving schemes resulting in saving of 47662 m /day natural gas; gaseous emission levels from various stacks being much lower than the prescribed limit; old type of air precipitator replaced with plate type air precipitator resulting in saving of 0.3 t/hr 60 ata steam and stack temperature from 170° Celsius to 130° Celsius.

Danfoss Industries Private Limited
Godrej Consumer Products Limited
[Engineering] [FMCG]

Danfoss Industries Private Limited, Kancheepuram is a subsidiary of Danfoss, Denmark involved in production of energy efficient technologies. The energy initiatives towards green journey resulted in saving of energy consumption by 3.2% in 2016-17 against the previous year. The initiatives for efficient use of water resulted in a saving of 45% potable water consumption especially due to use of low flow fixtures. Introduction of eco-friendly technologies has reduced GHG emissions by 1228 MT CO equivalent. LEED Platinum Certification has promoted sustainable and green concepts in 2 buildings.

Godrej Consumer Products Limited is a leading emerging markets company involved in household insecticides and hair care products in emerging markets. The organization is working towards becoming carbon neutral and water positive unit by introducing green and efficient technologies. Focus of its annual training programme includes: energy efficiency, environment awareness & protection and water conservation. Measures taken for energy and water efficiency yielded good results. Energy consumption has reduced from 2608 MJ/ton in 2015-16 to 2430 MJ/ton in 2016-17 (6.8%) and water consumption has reduced from 1.72 KL/t in 2015-16 to 1.64 in 2016-17 (4.6%). Ozone depleting substance emission in tonnes of CFC-11 equivalent is zero and 10 Kg/ton of waste is recycled.

Ordnance Factory Medak
Infosys Limited
[Government (Defence)] [IT]

Ordnance Factory Medak is a Ordnance Factory Board organization engaged in production of weapons, armoured vehicles, ammunition and battle field equipment. Policy of minimal use of natural resources has resulted in saving of energy by 15.78% and water by 11.2% during the year 2016-17 against the previous year. The recycling process in foundry has reduced the demand of fresh sand for moulding process by more than 30%. Measures taken to offset carbon footprint has resulted in saving 23,040 tonne carbon equivalent during the year. All rejects of steel, aluminum etc. are recycled and reused.

Infosys Ltd is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing and next-generation services. Infosys is the first IT Company in the world to make a commitment to the UN to become carbon neutral by FY 2018. Energy consumption is reduced by 5.45% in 2016-17. It has a zero discharge campus; works with vendor partners to reduce consumption of water and energy. Infosys M&C Building is the first radiant panel based cooling system in India. LED fittings are used for indoor lighting with occupancy sensors and 100% waste water is recycled. Infosys is the first IT Company to publish Sustainability Report based on the GRI – G4.

NLC India Limited
Oil India Limited
[Mining & Metallurgy] [Oil Production]

NLC India Limited formerly known as Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, a Navratna PSU is engaged in mining of lignite and generation of power through lignite based thermal power plants. NLC has a policy for sustainable mining and power generation by implementing environment management practices and strict compliance to the regulatory regime. Top management is provided training on advance air handling system, remote sensing and GIS applications for environmental monitoring. Overburden earth is used for back-filling in the mined out area.

Oil India Limited is a Navratna Company engaged in the business of exploration, production and transportation of crude oil and natural gas and production of LPG. The company is guided by the ethos of sustainability. Replenishing green cover, maximising awareness in employees and contractors regarding environmental protection, ensuring proper waste disposal and recycling to combat pollution across all functional domains denotes the concern for environment protection. Energy conservation measures have yielded a reduction of 48.8% in energy consumption in 2015-16.

ITC Limited
PSPD, Unit: Tribeni
Reliance Industries Limited
Dahej Manufacturing Division
[Paper] [Petrochemical]

ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Tribeni manufactures specialty papers and has captive power plants of 12 MW & 5.4 MW. The organization follows environment policy focusing on sustainability and climate change to ensure adoption of resource efficient, cleaner production methods. Training is provided on environment appreciation to top management and employees throughout the year. Average energy consumption reduced by 4 GJ/MT and fresh water usage reduced by 54.52% in 2016-17 as against 2015-16. 100% reuse of ETP sludge is ensured. Elemental Chlorine Free pulp is used for production of paper.

Reliance Industries Limited, Dahej is one of six manufacturing units producing a number of petro-chemicals including PVC, caustic soda, PET etc. E-learning portal is available to facilitate its management and staff for creating awareness of environment protection measures. Regular training is provided on all processes in the plant. Innovative features includes: Online Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System; Effluent Quality Monitoring System; Effluent Treatment Facility. Energy consumption, water consumption and raw material use have reduced in 2016-17 against 2015-16.

Cadila Healthcare Limited
Formulation Manufacturing
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Real Estate & Construction]

Cadila Healthcare Limited is a large scale public limited company engaged in Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing at Ahmedabad. The Environment, Health and Safety Policy emphasizes on use of energy and water optimally; and minimization of waste generation. Regular training programmes are conducted for heads of departments and executives on hazardous waste management, environmental legislation and management systems. Power consumption has reduced by 8.3% during 2016-17 and more than 75% steam condensate water recovery to boiler was ensured.

Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited is a real estate developer and a part of Mahindra Group. Energy efficiency, water efficiency and material management systems are adopted. Old brick technology is abandoned and membrane water proofing technology for terrace, toilet and bath is adopted. It reduces room temperature and energy requirement. All buildings are certified with green building norms. Rainwater harvesting, reuse of water by recycling, low maintenance have been emphasized in construction. GHG, Carbon foot print measures are verified by third party and CDP disclosure has been done for two years.

Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited
Raymond Limited
Textile Division
[Steel] [Textile & Apparel]

Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited, Hisar is the largest integrated stainless steel producer in the country. Climate change strategy is being developed to highlight the following: Continuing to improve current processes & benchmarking with the best within the steel industry. Training on environmental issues is conducted by internal and external faculty for all the employees regularly. Control measures put in place resulted in: reduced power consumption in Hot rolled coils mill from 97.24 to 96.74 KWh/MT in 2016-17, in cold rolled coils – SP strip from 1496.34 KWh/MT to 1431.29 KWh/MT of produce; water consumption reduced by overall 20.82%; specific CO2 emission T/Ton of produce reduced from 2.97 to 2.89. Specific GHG emissions have reduced from 3.92 to 2.89, which is less than 2.90 (International level of GHG emission).

Raymond Limited, Textile Division, Chhindwara is a part of JK Group (Western Division). It is a composite plant manufacturing high quality, up-market fabric in polyester – wool & polyester – viscose blends. The Environment Policy emphasises on conservation of natural resources and reducing or re-using waste. Environment quality monitoring is done by on-line system which is validated by third party testing. A total of 1157 numbers of Energy Certificates under PAT (Perform, Achieve and Trade) has been credited by BEE against energy saving and reduction of carbon. Company is using 100% coincineration of sludge in-house, resulting in saving of carbon dioxide emissions by reducing coal consumption.

Year 2016
Tata Motors Limited
Allison Transmission India Pvt Ltd
[Automobile] [Automobile Ancillary]

Tata Motors Limited, Pantnagar is a part of Tata Group of commercial vehicle manufacturing company. The environment policy reflects commitment towards environmental preservation. The unit has established a vendor park in the vicinity of Plant where most of the local vendors supplying raw-material, parts, and ancillaries have set up their unit. This has helped in reducing distance travelled for carrying 60-70% of raw materials to mother plant, by 1,35,000 trucks that would have each travelled about 600-1000 kms, but now travel 3-4 kms, resulting in huge reduction in emissions. Proper training and capability building opportunities are provided to employees at all levels to work for environment preservation.

Allison Transmission India Pvt Ltd, Kancheepuram is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmission for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The measure to reduce carbon emissions and conserve water has helped in reduction of carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of produce from 2.78 in 2014 to 2.12 in 2015. The electricity consumption has reduced from 2250 kwh in financial year 2014 to 2104 kwh in financial year 2015. Water consumption has reduced from 420 kl in 2014 to 398 kl in 2015. The company has introduced transmission models which have improved fuel economy up to 7% in bus application. Dry machining process has saved 18000 litres of coolant; have recycled used oil at the level of 8000 tonnes.

Shree Cement Limited
PI Industries Limited
[Cement] [Chemical & Fertilizer]

Shree Cement Pvt Ltd, Pali is a part of Bangur group and manufactures Portland Pozolana Cement and Portland Slag Cement. The environmental policy focuses on clean, green and healthy environment through efficient use of natural resources, energy, plant and equipment. The energy consumption in 2014-15 has decreased by 2.73% over the previous year. Training programmes are conducted on a continual basis for all its employees. Petcoke is used in cement kiln to replace conventional coal, resulting in balance of ecology and conservation of natural resources. The plant has the credit of participating in the CDM projects as the first cement category company in the world and fetch 0.45 million CERs. The plant is using waste heat of pre-heaters an clinker coolers’ outlet gases to generate power.

PI Industries Ltd, Panoli is a public company involved in agri-inputs business and contract research and manufacturing. The environment management systems include waste segregation, hazardous waste treatment; and affluent treatment and environmental monitoring. Energy efficiency measures have resulted in saving energy consumption by 22.36% in the current year. GHG emissions were 22,661 mt of carbon dioxide eq against 25,055 mt in 2014-15 indicating a reduction of 10%. Water consumption also reduced by 17% during the same period. The company is signatory to Responsible Care and granted Responsible Care Logo by Indian Chemical Council.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited
[Engineering] [FMCG]

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore provides solution for businesses and automotive services and industrial technology. The company focuses on training for all employees and associates on topics related to environment, health and safety. Water consumption and operating costs have been decreasing year-on-year because of the water conservation measures adopted by the company. About 25,000 liters per month is conserved by adopting waterless urinals. Wet scrubbers have been installed to treat the fuel gas from the diesel generators which remove the particulate matter and only clean gas goes out of the stack. Online employee transport services tool has been developed for issuing bus passes to associates to save their time by reducing manual intervention.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited, Gurgaon is leading consumer healthcare company and operates across nutrition, wellness and oral care category. The environment policy addressed global environment issues such as climate change, global warming and energy conservation. The company has an environment sustainability strategy in place for end-to-end supply chain which is unique across the industry. All the sites have enhanced the biomass “wood waste/agro waste briquettes” blending with coal. The percentage blending by weight on all India basis is 68% resulting into reduction of 48,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Continuous training on environmental protection is carried out for the employees.

Rail Coach Factory
Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited
[Government (Railways)] [Mining & Metallurgy]

Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, is committed to produce rail coaches with continual improvement in their quality. New environment friendly plant and machinery have been introduced which have reduced power consumption in 2015-16 by 1.95% per Equated Coach Unit (ECU) against the previous year. Water consumption has reduced by 3.24%. Use of asbestos has been totally stopped in coach manufacturing and natural fiber thermosetting composite has been introduced as roof sheets, Kitchen waste compost is in use as manure. Rainwater harvesting has been adopted which has replenished ground water source.

Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, Chennai is a Navratna PSU producing lignite as well as power. Environmental Training programmes are being conducted regularly for all its staff and residents around the plant. Conservation of top soil is being done by back filling of mines. Mine seepage water is treated and used for domestic purposes in township and villages around. Excavated materials are back filled in completed mines for reclamation progressively. Fly ash is also used for back filling reclamation of land which is converted into agriculture and horticulture land through biological reclamation by adding nutrient rich top-soil for original quality. Afforestation, development of water bodies, slopes stabilization, and rainwater harvesting are adopted by overburden dumps.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
Hazira Plant
HPCL – Mittal Energy Limited
[Oil Production] [Oil Refining]

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Hazira Plant is country’s largest hydrocarbon gas processing plant producing a wide range of value added products. Monitoring of environmental performance is undertaken to save energy. During the current year energy consumption has decreased by 1.91% over the last year. The plant has three CDM projects registered with UNFCCC. All employees have to go through compulsory training which includes a separate session on environmental management practices and regulations. Sour gas which is received in the plant for processing contains 80-90 parts per million hydrogen which is a highly toxic gas. The gas sweetening unit removes hydrogen sulphide from the sour gas. ATF fuel for aircraft is produced as a part of innovation project. It has set up the only plant to produce ATF from gas condensate.

HPCL – Mittal Energy Limited, Noida is a leading refinery group. Training on simulator is conducted for safety environment and awareness to all its employees. Bio-remediation unit for only sludge has been installed. Sequential batch reactor and membrane bio-reactors are used to make water affluent ultra clean and reusable. Volatile organic chemical emission treatment facility has minimized fugitive emissions. Low nitrous oxide burners in heaters have been installed to minimize nitrous oxide emissions. Reduction in GHG emissions has been observed at 316 MT/1000 MT of crude from 320MT.

Natco Pharma Limited
Chemical Division
JSW Energy Limited
[Pharmaceutical] [Power]

Natco Pharma Limited, Chemical Division, Mekaguda, is a manufacturing facility for pharmaceutical intermediaries and APIs. Environmental training programmes are regularly conducted for all the employees and community around the plant. Measures to reduce emissions and affluent are undertaken. Affluent treatment plants are installed for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Zero discharge with recycling and reuse facility has been established for water. Flue gas waste heat recovery system has been installed. Waste to energy plant converts waste into energy. It has undertaken green initiative to introduce waste biomass utilization and solar energy.

JSW Energy Limited, Vijayanagar is a part of JSW group and an integrated power company. Health, Safety and Environment Policy stakes “better statutory limits, norms of organization requirement, occupational health and safety, conservation of resources, protection of environment and minimization of solid liquid and gas waste by continual improvement of technology in operation”. All units of the company are installed with high collection electro-static precipitators to maintain total particulate matter level in stack. Top management and all other employees are provided training on environmental appreciation to make them aware of all aspects and thus help in controlling the environment. The hazardous gas chlorination system is replaced with brine based hypo-generation system.

The Automotive Research Association of India
Raymond Uco Denim Pvt Ltd
[Research & Consultancy] [Textile & Apparel]

The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune is an autonomous, non-profit cooperative industrial research organization involved is a premier testing and certifying agency. Environmental policy emphasizes on carrying out business activities with due attention towards environmental protection. It promotes use and development of clean technology for green and eco-friendly vehicles. The association also works for development of certification of different categories of vehicles and their consortium partnership with vehicle manufacturers. A system procedure is introduced to address environmental safe disposal of hazardous wastes. The resource conservation measures developed include alternate fuel based engines. Water consumption has been reduced by 19% over the previous year.

Raymond Uco Denim Pvt Ltd, Yavatmal is a joint venture between Raymond Uco Ltd and Uco Sports Ware, Belgium and manufacturers denim fabric in India. The company has developed its own environment management system based on the guidelines of ISO 14,000 and the requirement of the company. It has reduced specific power consumption from 2.15 to 2.08 kWh/mtr and specific water consumption from 33 liters/mtr to 27 liters/mtr. Specific carbon dioxide emission has been reduced from 5.71 to 5.19 kg/mtr in current over the last year. Sludge mineralization concept in sludge handling process has reduced the quantity by 30%. The company has installed state-of-art biological plant which involves the process treatment without any chemicals.

Essar Bulk Terminal Paradip Limited
[Transportation (Ports)]

Essar Bulk Terminal Paradip Limited, Paradip is a subsidiary of Essar Ports limited engaged in cargo handling services. The terminal is established and maintained as per the integrated management system QHSE Policy. One of the key sustainability objectives is to benchmark and define viable schemes combining economic, social and environmental aspects of human activity. Regular IMS audit is carried out for health, environment and safety. Measures undertaken for energy efficiency has reduced power consumption from 1.45 kWh/unit cargo handled to 1.2 kWh.

Special Commendation - Golden Peacock Environment Management Award

Chemfab Alkalis Limited
Defence Services Staff College

Chemfab Alkalis Limited (CAL) manufactures Alkalis, Chlorine and other inorganic basic chemicals. It was the first chloralkali industry in India to be certified to ISO 14001:2004. It has shown low water consumption at 4.6 KL/MT of caustic produced. Effluent discharge is 0.082 KL/MT of caustic soda. It introduced the ultrafiltration technique for brine purification resulting in the reduction of solid waste. It has patented process for the ‘recovery of barium salts’ from sludge.

Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington is the only military organization accredited with both ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certification. It has established clean initiatives like ‘Go Green’ and ‘Clean and Green Campus’ to conserve natural resources, establish energy saving and to reduce Carbon footprint. Its key focus areas are recycling of sewage water, construction of check dams, solar energy use for street lighting, and phased replacement by LED lights and placement of Energy Efficiency devices and equipments.

Process Research ORTECH Inc.

Process Research ORTECH Inc (PRO) established at Missisuaga, Canada in 1999 was involved in development of a number of clean technologies. Its Nickel Laterite Technology is being considered for TATA Steel, Jamshedpur, AVF Water Treatment Technology is being commercialized by Eureka Forbes, India. Torbed Technology is being used by PRO for many applications including processing of rice husk - the process generates energy and also non-hazardous amorphous silica by-product that can be used as a cement additive for high performance concrete.