Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award (GPIMA) Winners
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Penna Cement Industries Limited
British Orchard Nursery
[Cement] [Education & Training]
Penna Cement Industries Limited has a total cement manufacturing capacity of 10 Million Tons spread over 6 plants. It is a system oriented company, empowered with robust method and has the platform for any individual to portray the ideas. Once the idea is generated, it is screened and evaluated and if adopted, executives generating the ideas are rewarded. The company conducts leadership team meetings on monthly basis to evaluate the current challenges and sets up the projects for employees to find innovative solutions to the problems. The company is focused on innovation culture in the organisation by training employees on innovation on regular basis. British Orchard Nursery (BON) is the largest preschool nursery chain in UAE, providing education and care to 1500+ children in age group of 2 months to 4+ years. Strong leadership, corporate culture, and its Vision, Mission, Values (VMV) guide the driving force that cultivated them to be at the forefront of innovation. Through its innovation and suggestion policies, each staff member has a deliverable on innovative suggestions. KPIs arising out of the strategy process include suggestions and innovations on a term basis and are cascaded to all employees of the organization. Innovation Management performance is measured through KPIs.
Unimoni Financial Services Limited
HP PPS Services India Private Limited
[Financial Services] [IT]
Unimoni Financial Services Limited serves the financial needs of customers across the country. Unimoni identifies the sources to increase the value of products for customers like solutions to meet the customers' needs, setting prices as a function of value and implementing the same in pricing strategies. Individual leaders are responsible for ideation and creation. Innovation Management encompasses a range of processes and methods where progress compounds over time. It performs customer analysis: market analysis and environmental analysis. Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere - every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. This motivates us - inspires us - to do what we do. To make what we make. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences that amaze. We won’t stop pushing ahead, because you won’t stop pushing ahead. You’re reinventing how you work. How you play. How you live. With our technology, you’ll reinvent your world. This is our calling. This is a new HP
BoardPAC (Pvt) Limited
Sri Lanka
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
[IT (Corporate Meeting Security)] [IT (e-Governance Services)]
BoardPAC (Pvt) Limited is a multinational board meeting automation solutions provider focused on providing a simple, secure, easy-to-use and sustainable board communication application. As a company whose sole product thrives on innovation, the company has an open structure which while being hierarchical is still collaborative and encourages free thinking of ideas. The streamlined top-bottom process is a shared vision which drives changes. Measures adopted for service satisfaction include: becoming more formalized, with segregation of duties that are clear and concise; Partnering with organizations and obtaining the ISO:27000 certification. NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, established the first and largest depository in the country in 1996 and in 2013 demerged into two entities, one was depository and the other focused on e- Governance. The three broad areas of innovations are: System based innovations, Procedural/ operations based innovations and Business/Market based innovations. The organization constantly manages its reputation through various on-line channels as utmost importance is given to customer feedback. The organization strengthens customer service skills of its employees, analyzes every touch point.
Castrol India Limited
Reliance Industries Limited
[Oil Lubricants] [Petrochemical]
Castrol India Limited is a leading automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing and marketing company in India. The company constantly endeavours to localize global products and make them cost competitive by evaluating locally available raw materials after a thorough scrutiny with no compromise on technical specifications and performance quality. All ideas are thoroughly assessed using a 5 stage gate process by the senior management team. Any new product or process development begins with an insight arrived at through a formal and robust process. This process has specific tools at each stage to facilitate evaluation and creation of relevant outputs to reach strategic business decisions. Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian conglomerate holding company ranked 203 on the Fortune Global 500 list of 2017. At Reliance, innovation has been institutionalized by formation of Reliance Innovation Council, consisting of global thought leaders and iconic personalities providing vision to the innovation movement. Mission Kurukshetra is a step towards achieving creativity and innovation, through the Mission Kurukshetra platform, its employees can submit ideas and track their progress right up to implementation. In addition, businesses can put up specific challenges seeking novel ideas and solutions.
Year 2017
Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited
Spicer India Private Limited
[Automobile] [Automobile Ancillary]
Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) is pioneer in electric vehicles in India. Founded in 1994 as Reva Electric Car Company and acquired by Mahindra Group in 2010, it was renamed as MEML in 2017. Areas of innovation are Energy Management System (EMS), electric vehicle, system architecture power train, ergonomics and remote vehicle diagnostics. MEML has more than 19 granted Patents. At MEML, mistakes are not punished, ideas are supported. Stretched targets and gap analysis with support makes innovation institutionalized. In brainstorming sessions, failed innovations are discussed for learning. Creating an innovation project is considered in annual appraisal and upto 40% weightage is given. Spicer India Private Limited, a joint venture between M/s DANA Corp. USA and M/s Anand Automobiles, established in 1993, manufactures transmission gear trains, axles, innershafts etc., for automobiles. From continuous improvement to breakthrough improvement, is the strategy adopted by the organisation. Innovation as a culture, is embedded in systematic manner with innovative manner of thinking, observing scientifically and implementing meticulously. To get 30% or more improvement, it was needed to have breakthrough improvement, hence innovation system was adopted after 2009. Areas of innovation are categorized as game changer. 26 number of innovations have been completed.
WNS Global Services (P) Limited
Global Indian International School Pte Limited Singapore
[BPO] [Education & Training]
WNS is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company, with clients from sectors like Insurance, Banking, Healthcare etc. WNS has a Structured Management System for developing innovative ideas and processes. It is guided by WNS Mission to enable its clients to outperform with passion for service and innovation, excellence, evaluation and engagement. The process adopted has four phases: discovery, due diligence, monitoring and control. It has Learning Academy to grow leaders with programmes like WNS Gateway University; Beyond Horizon; Inspire, Transform, Empower etc. CEO forum – Live Global WebCast is established for communication and free flow of ideas. Global Indian International School Pte Limited (GIIS) is a privately owned independent Company offering K-12 education in Singapore. Established in 2002, GIIS has presence in 7 countries. GIIS has identified 26 resources for Institutionalising Innovation. Cross functional teams of students, staff and faculty and parents are taking care of Multiple Mechanism of Innovation. GIIS addresses topics like skills and practices to be institutionalized, ways to involve teachers, staff and stakeholders, timeframes to work around all the plans under the initiative, reviewing the framework periodically to ensure relevance. Rewards and recognition are given periodically to create culture of creativity to change behavior and also for results. Leadership development process, top management practices nurture freedom and openness.
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
New Delhi
Tata Steel Limited Joda East Iron Mines Keonjhar
[Engineering] [Mining & Metallurgy]
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking, established for manufacture of equipments for thermal and hydro power plants. Main drivers for innovation have been: cost reduction, low carbon emission and low energy consumption, technology gap and efficiency improvement. Centres of excellence like Intelligent Machine and Robotics, Machine Dynamics, Compressor and Pumps, Nanotech, Coal Research Centre, Power Electronics, Simulator and Surface Engineering, Advanced transmission system etc., are contributing to innovation efforts. Reward and Recognition schemes are encouraging innovations. My Idea Portal has been developed where any employee can share or offer any idea about any unit/function or process for study and implementation. Joda Iron Ore Mines of Tata Steel supplies iron ore to Tata Steel plants. Beneficiation process of ore has been improved by reducing Alumina from 4% to less than 2.5%. Joda Mines has adopted innovative methods like electronic blasting for vibration management, digitization in excavation of iron ore, use of iron ore waste for sustainable mining, Mine Plan Phone App to monitor the aerial compliance of excavation. Focus of innovation is on cost reduction, energy saving, efficiency improvement. Success and significance both are given importance. Integrated chain of quality takes care of customers' needs and accordingly future needs are identified and strategy is worked out for process changes.
Natco Pharma Limited
Natco Pharma is a drug manufacturing company with Research and Development (R&D) facilities. The organisation has developed, patented, marketed new drugs in the areas of Hepatitis-C, Diabetology/Cardiology and Oncology. New drugs development is done on the basis of inputs from business intelligence, conferences and papers as well as from market distributers/users as per global demand. Systematic R&D and innovation culture is adopted for the organisation with crossfunctional teams and freedom to fail atmosphere. No idea is discouraged during brain storming-sessions. Customer feedback is encouraged. Originator of idea suggests time-frame and milestone achievement plans. Entrepreneurship, ideas, suggestions and innovations are recognized and rewarded by evolution panel.
Year 2016
WNS Global Services (P) Limited
Global Indian International School Pte Ltd
[BPO] [Education & Training]
WNS Global Services (P) Limited is a Global Business Process Management leader. WNS innovation programme is routed in the mission. Its business process excellence and transformation framework have three defined disciplines: excellence, evolution and engagement. A strategy meet called 'Samurai Summit' is conducted every year and is attended by all the Business Unit Heads and Board Members. Innovation is one of the major items on the agenda, in which the leaders discuss the previous year's achievement on innovation and a goal is set for the coming year. Value Innovation Programme is designed to help clients unlock hidden value in their business processes. Global Indian International School Pte Ltd is a privately owned independent company offering K-12 education in Singapore and in many other countries including India. The prime factor driving innovations are vision, mission and core values. The innovative initiatives are aligned to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives, customer engagement and breakthrough performance. School has implemented 200 innovative ideas. It has adopted several strategies and mechanisms to encourage and support individual and team participation in innovations to achieve the organization's objectives and goals. It uses 'My GIIS-in-house' innovative education ERP to manage organizational knowledge, sharing with the stakeholders and in strategic planning.
JCB India Limited
HDFC Bank Limited
[Engineering] [Financial Sector (Banking)]
JCB India Limited is an earthmoving and construction equipment manufacturing company producing backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers. Their innovation strategy synergizes with the product development through a 'JCB India Innovation Wave Front' which has eight best industry practices i.e. innovation maturity road map; nurturing innovation culture; robust innovation process; live innovation programmes; innovation ecosystem; invest in people; reward and recognition and celebrating the innovation. They have launched 30 numbers of new product modules and upgrade in last two years due to best innovative practices. Suitable mechanisms and strategies have been developed to encourage people to think without constraints and experiment without fear to achieve new innovation. HDFC Bank Limited is a private scheduled commercial bank certified to ISO 9001; BS 25999 and ISO 27004. The innovation ideology is embedded in its core values mainly customer focus, operational excellence, product leadership, people and sustainability. Institutionalizing innovation has been a carefully drafted and involved process with factors such as Clear strategy and methodology, Hiring a diverse team, Setting the right KPIs, Moving from Push-innovation to Pull-Innovation and looking at Cradle to Grave approach along with FinTech startups. The digital innovation scheme follows a four step approach to product development as follows: research and exploration, identifying use-cases and building on ROI – driven business case, customer research and product finalization and launch
SREI Equipment Finance Limited
Emami Limited
[Financial Sector (NBFC)] [FMCG]
SREI Equipment Finance Limited is a public limited company and one of the largest equipment financier and equipment solution providers in the country. The prime factors responsible to drive the innovation are: Rate of change of technology; Changes in regulations; Innovative market products; Customer feedback and adherence to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practice. The product development cycle is continuous iteration of monitoring and improvisation. Failures are viewed as learning and building blocks. The company encourages the use of prototypes so as to reduce risk and encourage experimentation. New learning from multi-dimensional knowledge is ensured through workshops from top institutions and top faculty. Emami Limited is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company and operates in niche consumer and healthcare product categories. It has designed a leading edge Innovation System for managing innovation across its businesses based on Innovation Insight, Trends Spotting and Continuous Growth Business Models. It has a three-pronged Innovation Strategy including Business driven projects, Technology led projects, and Connect & Develop/Open Innovation Programme with academic institutions. Day-to-day operational work load is managed by a team of professionals on innovation and cross functional teams. The company has an Innovation Centre, where innovation thoughts and processes are continuously undertaken across products, packaging and communication.

Special Commendation - Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award (GPIMA)

Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt Ltd
New Delhi
Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM) manages a technology enabled network of more than 1314 warehouses and 19 cold storages pan India. The organization continuously thrives for innovative products to cater the needs of the market. Some of the best practices adopted by Top Management to encourage innovativeness are: Encouragement to voice ideas and Open culture to entertain ideas. Idea generation is followed up to see that there is a roadmap to develop the same. Management believes that every idea is important and every voice can be effective and ponders over the smallest suggestion shared by any team and reward the same if it is relevant.