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Ashok Leyland Limited
My Home Industries Private Limited Visakhapatnam
[Automobile] [Cement]
Innovation: Circuit F Fully Zero Emission Modular Electric Bus

Ashok Leyland Limited is the second largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India. 'Circuit F Fully Zero Emission Modular Electric Bus' is the only vehicle in its segment with multiple energy management strategies (Fast Charging, Battery Swapping and Flash Charging) and a cradle which enables assembling and disassembling the entire power train in one stage. The architecture of the chassis is such that it can take – different charging options; higher payload and thereby more passengers and compact power train. The product is already commercialized.
Innovation: Composite Cement

My Home Industries Private Limited is a quality cement producer with cement plants in different regions. 'Composite Cement' is made from grinding of clinker, slag, fly-ash and gypsum to the required fineness. The main problem that the innovation addresses is to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the clinker proportion in cement and to utilize industrial waste products like fly-ash and slag. Reduction of clinker leads to reduction of carbon dioxide, resource conservation and greater sustainability in cement manufacturing. The product is sold under the name of MAHA Solid.
Smartchem Technologies Limited
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited
[Chemical & Fertilizer] [Defence Equipment]
Innovation: “Smartek Technology.

Smartchem Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, is manufacturer of bulk and speciality fertilizers. The company's fertilisers are marketed under the flagship brand 'Mahadhan'. 'Smartek Technology' - a new revolutionary fertilizer technology has a combination of inorganic and organic nutrients applied to NPK or NPS fertilizers which help in improving crop growth and productivity. A unique permanent coating is applied to the granules of fertilizer which improves and enhances properties of the fertilizer. This technology minimizes caking, regulates dust emission, enhances the appearance, increases the agronomic efficacy and modifies the nutrient release characteristics.
Innovation: Structural response to Thermal loads on foundations of Reduction Gear for ensuring accurate alignment of propeller shaft in Stealth Frigates.

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, Mumbai is a defence public sector undertaking. It is involved in shipbuilding and submarine building. 'Structural response to Thermal loads on foundations of Reduction Gear for ensuring accurate alignment of propeller shaft in Stealth Frigates' is a major breakthrough. Studies were undertaken for changes in the reduction gear foundation due to thermal effect, which may lead to offset in the gear box bearing vis-à-vis designed position. The deflections due to the thermal loads were then factored for accurate alignment of shaft line.
Easol Private Limited
Carborundum Universal Limited
[Energy and Environment Solutions] [Engineering (Abrasive Materials)]
Innovation: PurAll - Innovative and unique Non-Electric, Automatic and Online water purification (Chlorination) solution.

Easol Private Limited is engaged in offering innovative solutions in the area of energy and environment. 'PurAll – Innovative and Unique Non-Electric Automatic and Online Water Purification (Chlorination) solution' is used to purify water in rural as well as urban areas for various purification needs across many parts of the world. The quality of water purified by PurAll is as per the latest international standards. The dose of chlorination in PurAll solution can be easily adjusted as per requirement. PurAll 50H is a unique solution for hand pumps which purifies all the water from the hand pumps at very stroke of the hand pump.
Innovation: Hi performance environment friendly innovative Scrub Pad for Kitchen utensil scouring.

Carborundum Universal Limited is a part of the Murugappa Group. 'Hi performance environment friendly innovative Scrub Pad for Kitchen utensil scouring' is an abrasive based scrub pad with a unique coating process and an ergonomic design that offers unparalleled performance compared to any other scrub pad in the market. The innovative product Chamak has a unique grain coating process that drastically reduces the wear of the scrub by over two times and it is lighter in weight. It has lasting anti-bacterial qualities. The scrub pad becomes bio-degradable once it becomes a part of the garbage for the landfill and therefore environment friendly.
Bharat Forge Limited
Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

[Engineering (Defence)] [Engineering (Farm Equipment)]
Innovation: ATAGS - Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System

Bharat Forge Limited, the flagship company of the Kalyani Group, is a leading global supplier of forged and machine products. 'ATAGS – Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System' is 100% indigenously designed and developed 'Make in India' artillery solution for Indian Army. The company carried 'ab-initio' design of various systems by its competence and experience in manufacturing technologies, quality control system and process control systems. Owing to its continued R&D efforts BFL has become an end-to-end solution provider for artillery systems. These efforts have led to developing a strong platform of metallurgical knowledge, design and engineering capability and manufacturing process.
Innovation: KMW MEGA T 15 with “FROTech” Rotor for Sugarcane Earthing-Up operation

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited is a market leader in designing, manufacturing and servicing of diesel engines, gensets and pump sets. 'KMW MEGA T 15 with FROTech Rotor for Sugarcane Earthing-up operation' is a unique power tiller, which enables sugarcane farmers to carry out the important 'earthing-up' operation while operating the power tiller in forward direction. The product offers safety, speed, convenience and economy to the farmers for growing sugarcane. With a very little training, any farmer can use the power tiller for sugarcane earthing-up operation.
Fullerton India Credit Company Limited Mumbai Emami Limited
[Financial Services] [FMCG]
Innovation: Microservices Platform.

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is one of India's leading non-banking finance company. 'Microservices Platform' is an architectural style platform that structures a collection of loosely coupled business services, that support in implementing business capabilities. Microservices architecture enables quick and easy integration for all the partners. It helps all FinTech with quick access to multiple business services, like, rule engine validation, bureau connection, Fullerton India's credit score, customer dedupe checks, etc while eventually looking a loan with Fullerton India and ensuring a seamless disbursement.
Innovation: Keshking Oil Applicator

Emami Limited is a FMCG company operating in consumer and healthcare products. 'Keshking Oil Applicator' has been designed whose prongs spread the hair in a combing motion and simultaneously dispense 'metered oil' in the parted sections. The oil can further be massaged on to the scalp with fingers for better spreadability. This facilitates oil application in a much more effective manner at the roots of the hairs and the comb could dispense the product in a metered way. Keshking gives its deep root comb as an additional attachment in its pack, which can be used at the consumer's discretion.
Acko General Insurance Limited
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Rewari Kanpur Pipeline
[Insurance] [Oil Pipeline]
Innovation: Ola Re.1 Ride Insurance

Acko General Insurance Limited, the first fully digital insurer in India is aiming at bringing risk-based pricing for retail covers such as motor and health insurance. 'Ola Re.1 Ride Insurance Policy' is a comprehensive in-trip insurance under the 'Chalo befikar' insurance program, to offer Ola users an insurance cover across all categories, viz, cabs, auto, kalli peeli, and erickshaw. The comprehensive insurance program provides benefits in cases of loss of baggage or laptops, missed flights, accidental medical expense, ambulance transportation cover, and much more.
Innovation: Mobile Application for Safety and Security of Rewari Kanpur Pipeline, HPCL

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is a Navratna company involved in the business of refining and marketing of petroleum products. 'Mobile Application for Safety and Security of Rewari Kanpur Pipeline' has been developed for costeffective safety and security system. For proper tracking of line walker, HPCL RKPL uses Android based GPS Security Tracking System. RKPL also uses Pipeline Intrusion Detection System which catches any kind of activity happening in vicinity of the pipeline. PIDS gives alarms in control-room about such activities. The control room then instructs the concerned line walker in that area to check the cause of the alarm.
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Aviation Department, Mumbai
Akzo Nobel India Limited
[Oil Refining] [Paints]
Innovation: Online Jetfuel Accounting System (OJAS)

Indian Oil Aviation is a business vertical of Indian Oil Corporation Limited. 'Online Jetfuel Accounting System (OJAS)' has been developed in-house to streamline billing. Earlier, supply of aviation turbine fuel to Indian Air Force and realizing payment for the supplies use to start with manual preparation of delivery receipts at Indian Oil Aviation Fuel stations followed by a number of physical movement of documents. IOCL subsequently developed and introduced electronic flow of invoices and payment realization for IAF air turbine fuel. It is complete end-to-end paperless transaction and is not available with any other oil company. The system has reduced payment realization time from 40 days to 7 days.
Innovation: Dulux Weathershield Flash
Akzo Nobel India Limited produces paints and coatings. Dulux Weathershield Flash is a premium quality exterior paint that combines the benefits of paint and sealer in one. Instead of the conventional three-coat system, it is a two-coat exterior paint system offering higher efficiency, while delivering assurance of superior Dulux Weathershield all-weather protection, without the need to apply a sealer. This enables the achievement of results faster with just one product – one coat less, Same Protection, Faster Completion Time. It compressed three coat job (one coat sealer plus two coat topcoat) in to two coat job (two coats of Flash)
Wembley Paints & Chemicals
Reliance Industries Limited
[Paints] [Petrochemical]
Innovation: Wembley's Natural Ingredient Termite Resistant Sanding Sealer

Wembley Paints and Chemicals is a private company involved in producing paints and varnishes with a focus on green and termite resistant products. 'Wembley's Natural Ingredient Termite Resistant Sanding Sealer' is an innovative product. Most of the sealers in wood trade used presently are either-not-termite resistant or else use chemicals for termite-proofing, that has ill-health impact on the labour employed to work. The company has developed green-natural-material-based termite resistant sanding sealer for wooden furniture, wooden windows and doors. The product gives good termite resistance and is safe to use.
Innovation: Waste to Value Creation – Development and commercialization of Low Cost Anti-Coking Additive for Naphtha / Gas Crackers and Sulfiding Agent for Hydrotreater Catalysts from LPG Merox waste by - Product

Reliance Industries Limited is a leading Indian company. The innovation is the first time commercial process development to make the sodium level of di-sulfide oil below 1 wt. PPM. Di-sulfide oil (DSO), consisting of C2 – C4 di-sulfides, is a waste by-product produced during regeneration of spent caustic in Extractive LPG Merox unit. After extensive lab scale studies, it was identified that alumina-based special absorbent is able to remove trace level of sodium to produce sodium lean di-sulfide oil with less than 1 wt PPM sodium at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure.
Apollo Tyres Limited
TATA SIA Airlines Limited
[Rubber] [Transportation (Aviation)]
Innovation: Development of India's First Zero Degree Steel Belted Motorcycle Radial Tyre – Apollo Alpha H1

Apollo Tyres Limited is in the business of tyre manufacturing and sales. The company markets its products under two global brands – Apollo and Vredestein. 'Zero degree steel Belted Motorcycle Radial Tyre' is an improvement over the cross-ply tyres earlier used on motorbikes. Orientation of high tensile steel wires in right tension around the radial structure of the tyre is the major innovation. Difference from tyres of global manufacturers was in the orientation of steel wires from one shoulder to another shoulder of the tyre.
Innovation: RaDa ecosystem
Vistara is a joint venture of TATA Sons Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited. RaDa ecosystem is built to enhance customer experience, automate airlines ground operations, optimize the cost of operations and engage new channels for revenue generation using family of robots. RaDa launched at New Delhi airport is the first robot of its kind at airports in India. RaDa is arguably most cost effective robot commercially deployed. At present, RaDa is in Delhi Airport, Vistara-Lounge and assists customers by issuing boarding pass, talking to passengers, entertaining guests and does announcements in the lounge.
Mumbai International Airport Limited Mumbai L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited Hyderabad
[Transportation (Aviation)] [Transportation (Railways)]
Innovation: Jaya He Safari

Mumbai International Airport Limited is a joint venture of Airports Authority of India and GVK led consortium. 'Jaya He Safari' at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai ('CSMIA') is a one of its kind of service that offers personalized/guided tours of the Jaya He GVK New Museum ('Airport Museum') to all travelers. 'Jaya He Safari' through various contemporary ways, promotes interaction between travelers and the airport thereby elevating the overall travel experience of passengers at CSMIA. A typical 'Jaya He Safari' at CSMIA takes about 20 minutes and includes specially curated programme with storytelling as its essence through the language of art.
Innovation: Tsavaari

L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited, is a public private partnership project being implemented by a SPV. 'Tsavaari' is the official mobile application of Hyderabad Metro Rail. It is an integrated passenger transportation mobile app which has been developed in Java, for android and IOS platforms, running in AWS Cloud with complex, heavy usage Balancing, and Amazon RDS with Multiple-az deployment. Tsavaari has been designed to simplify travel mode available in the city including, but not limited to, Hyderabad Metro Rail, MMTS, Car and bike rental services, such as OLA, (cabs, autos and bikes), Drivezy, roomcar etc. It assists users to plan travel itinerary between source and destination points, in a way that is comfortable and convenient.
Year 2018
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Ambassador School LLC
[Aeronautics] [Education & Training]
Innovation: Repair of Non ToT Test equipment ARM-RLSU (SNK-30 MK) used for checking of Radar complex of Su-30 MKI Aircraft.
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is a Navratna PSU. The Innovation is development of product ARMRLSU (SNK-30MK) used for checking technical performance parameters of Radar control system (RLSU- 30MK) of SU-30MKI Aircraft on ground without dismantling Radar System and its units from Aircraft. This test equipment is used for tuning, adjustment of parameters and identification of failed units of Radar Control System. As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) had not provided any document for the repair of test equipment, the team had to take up the initiative to repair the test equipment with innovative ideas, technical skills and experience. The test equipment was successfully repaired in a short time resulting in saving of foreign exchange and precious turn-around time.
Innovation: Helping Hand Programme – Social Innovation: Creating Shared Values.
Ambassador School LLC is an operator of Kinder Garten-to-Grade-12 schools in the UAE. Aligned to Dubai's vision to become a fully inclusive (disability friendly) city by 2020-2021. The “Social Innovation: Helping Hand Programme” aims at addressing social needs through inclusive learning programme executed by the Future Generation. The innovation focuses on inclusive learning, by “creating shared values”, where the value drivers are students as peers. Based on the fundamentals of peer-to-peer learning each disabled student termed as student of determination, has been provided with one shadow friend; a student who becomes his or her helping hand. The entire programme is executed by the students, who teach and learn, guide, mentor and take responsibility of their friends with determination.
Lava International Limited
Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited
[Electronics] [Engineering]
Innovation: “Money Back Challenge” powered by “Instant Consumer Refund” Mechanism.

Lava International Limited, established in 2009, is one of the leading and fastest growing mobile handset manufacturing company of India. It has in-house design team of 500 people in Shenzhen, China and one hundred plus team for software in Bangalore, India. Lava started its in-house manufacturing in April 2015 focusing on Make in India and has a plan to have an installed capacity of manufacturing, 11 million sets by 2019. “Money Back Challenge” was devised as a consumer offer wherein a consumer can return lava products within 30 days of purchase, if he/she is not happy with the product and receive the instant refund in form of a cheque over the counter from a Lava Service Center.
Innovation: Farm Mechanization Solution - Power Tiller named as “KMW MEGA T 15”.

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited is a market leader in India for designing, manufacturing and servicing of diesel engines, gen sets and pump sets. Its Agri Business Unit has introduced an innovative Farm Mechanization Solution - Power Tiller named as “KMW MEGA T 15”. The unique offering from this product include no need to work behind the machine which is complete ride-on machine; hydraulically actuated brakes; side power take off options for increasing the multi-application/usages; specially designed area for hopper for in-field application and spring loaded user seat for comfortable ride in the field. The Power Tiller is suitable for small land holdings, for wet lands and for women to operate.
National Payments Corporation of India
Godrej Consumer Products Limited
[Financial Services] [FMCG]
Innovation: Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) – Unified Payments Interface (UPI).
National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is promoted by ten promoter banks. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) – Unified Payments Interface (UPI)- is an innovative payment platform from NPCI. BHIM was initially available as the mobile application, taken to the next level of inter-operability in the retail payment system wherein any BHIM-UPI user can download any of the BHIM-UPI mobile app – not necessarily his/her own bank application – and still link their existing bank account. Launched with mobile app as the access mechanism, BHIM-UPI also expanded to cater to the needs of the users who either do not have smart phones or have smart phones without internet. All these users are able to access the same BHIMUPI features through dialing a common number i.e. *99#.
Innovation: Good Knight Fabric Roll-on.
Godrej Consumer Products Limited is a leading FMCG company. The innovation in the largest category of Household Insecticides is the Good Knight Fabric Roll-on, launched in August 2016. It is hero product of its personal repellents range of products, with a first-of-its-kind fabric-based, roll-on, 100% natural mosquito repellent formula. It consists of citronella and eucalyptus oils, which have strong mosquito repellent properties, and are completely safe for babies and children alike. It has a pleasant smell and easy application process of just four dots on clothes, one each on the shoulders and legs. It provides protection against mosquitoes for up to 8 hours.
ITC Limited, Foods Division
Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

[FMCG] [Government (Infrastructure)]
Innovation: Jelimals
ITC Limited is one of India's foremost multi–business enterprise. ITC's branded packaged food business is one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India. An extensive consumer research identified the need for a unique project which resulted in “Jelimals”. A 3D bear-shaped Jelly product – first of its kind globally – with an assortment of different colors and flavors packed in a pouch. The key feature of the product, that is, shape, has been design registered with the patent office of Government of India. Alongwith these shapes, seven other animal shapes have been patented. After the success of Jelimals, it has been made an umbrella brand under which other products relating to the theme of “Fantasy World” are being launched.
Innovation: Automated Post Allotment Application.
Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation is involved in creating industrial infrastructure facilities. It has been declared as the nodal agency for providing industrial infrastructure in the state of Odisha. The innovation is Automated Post Allotment Application (APAA) launched on January, 2016. APAA mainly deals with the end-to-end tracking of allotment activities of IDCO. APAA helps for smooth management of existing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) business units. This portal has been developed to facilitate online registrations of various units, applications for any post allotment matters, online payments, application tracking and processing activities. It also enables the units to download the sanction letter.
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited
Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited
[Insurance] [Insurance]
Innovation: Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus.
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. and Edelweiss Financial Services. Edelweiss Tokio Life has a newly launched, unit linked plan –'Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus', where the company not only did away with premium allocation and policy administration charges but added additional allocations on every premium paid by the customer. This additional allocation starts at 1% for the first 5 policy years and then increases every five years to 3%/5%/7% thereby accelerating one's wealth accumulation, while also offering protection at the same time. The idea of additional allocation of 1%, 3%, 5%, 7% made this product very unique and differentiated it from the rest.
Innovation: Innovative Insurance cover for bariatric surgery offered in health insurance product named Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy.
Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited started the business interest in health insurance, overseas, mediclaim policy and personal accident. Innovative insurance cover for bariatric surgery is offered in health insurance product named Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy. Health insurance in India for retail segment considered Bariatric Surgery as cosmetic procedure and will not pay for any expenses related to that surgery. Observations of medical experts guided product development team. After ensuring scientific and medical support, the innovative product was launched in April 2015 and is proving great advantage to persons suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and overweight.
L&T Technology Services Limited
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Direct Sales SBU
[IT] [Oil Refining]
Innovation: Intelligent Building Energy Management System, i-BEMS.
L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is a subsidiary of L&T. The innovative product 'i-BEMS' is Intelligent Building Energy Management System which is unique smart products framework from LTTS for facility managers to address challenges in building management. i-BEMS enables Net-Zero energy generation management coupled with predictive and preventive maintenance to help steer away from energy consumption to energy generation. It helps smart buildings to conserve and optimize energy resources. It is a cloud based, device- agnostic platform that provides a modular approach for adding sub-systems as needed.
Innovation: An ecosystem “UNNAYAN” which encompasses aspects of product, process & technology.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is a leading oil company in public sector. Direct Sales Unit, SBU, has introduced the new product - an ecosystem “UNNAYAN” - which covers aspects of product, process & technology. This eco-system has been created for introduction of new lubricant packs backed up by world class Mould (Dies) technology and corresponding high-end manufacturing machines, best of implant process and lastly supported by use of digitized platform for reaching to Indian consumers while also playing a crucial role for earning profit to HPCL. The innovation was aimed at overcoming the obsolescence of lubricant packs.
Reliance Industries Limited
Centre for Development of Telematics
[Petrochemical] [Telecommunication]
Innovation: Novel Disentangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight. Polyethylene (DPE) polymer – Polymerisation process and New Product Development for armour and other applications.
The Reliance Group is the largest private sector enterprise of India. The innovative product is Novel Disentangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (DPE) Polymer – Polymerisation process and New Product Development for armour and other applications. The company developed a novel catalyst, polymerization process for converting ethylene into novel proprietary disentangled ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (DPE). The process scaled up to pilot level for the first time in the world. The special characteristics of this polymer includes disentangled molecular morphology, high degree of crystallinity (>90%), low bulk density (0.05 – 0.9 g/cc), ultra-high tensile strength, etc. The bullet proof DPE composite developed is 8 to 9 times lower in price than the present market price.
Innovation: Gigabit Passive Optical Network - GPON.
Centre for Development of Telematics, C-DoT is India's premier telecommunications R&D Centre, committed to provide wide range of indigenously developed, cost effective, state-of-the-art total telecom solutions. C-DoT has launched Gigabit Passive Optical Network – GPON, a Fiber To The Home – FTTH application, completely with indigenous state-of-the-art technology. C-DoT presents complete end-to-end GPON solution from the central office to the customer premises. Various flavours of customer premises equipments are available which satisfied the requirement of fiber to the home business of multi-dwelling units. The existing access method enables to meet the band-width requirements in near future. GPON offers best solution that will address the access band with growth in the forseeable future for providing true triple play services of voice, video and data.
Year 2017
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
[Aeronautics] [Chemicals & Fertilizers]
Innovation: Combined Interrogator and Transponder (CIT). Innovation: Cashless Township.
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited is a public limited company promoted jointly by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited. The innovation is to provide service and to promote a cashless society at the township level. GNFC has created a cashless economy by rapidly institutionalizing a cashless ecosystem to protect and promote business and transactions conducted by thousands of farmers and retailers. Through awareness, advocacy, training and digital infrastructure building, GNFC facilitated a Pan-organisation transition to eeconomy. GNFC organized 300 training sessions for over 1,90,000 farmers, retailers, housewives and students in ten days. Zero cash transactions are recorded within township after going cashless..
REC Transmission Projects Company Limited
New Delhi
Global Indian International School Pte Ltd
[Consultancy (Power)] [Education & Training]
Innovation: Urja Mitra. Innovation: Global Montessori Plus.
REC Transmission Projects Company Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navratna non-banking financial public sector company REC. The innovation Urja Mitra is a first of its kind of an application which provides a central platform (Web-Portal as well as Mobile App (iOS version and android version with name Urja Mitra) for State Power Distribution utilities to disseminate power outage information to urban/rural power consumers across India through SMS/email/push notifications. It shall also provide a platform to view real time power outages in any part of the country and lodge a complaint on power outages. Stakeholder connect is ensured by providing for vernacular mobile apps. Global Indian International School Pte Ltd is a privately owned independent company offering K to 12 education in Singapore. The innovation: Global Montessori Plus Model is a unique, innovative educational model for Kinder Garten – aged children i.e. 2.5 years to 5 years. The model comprises of six main pillars: 'Excelerate' Programme- providing a learning guarantee for fluency in reading and writing; Play and Learn, Unique Toy Room and Outdoor Activities; 'I Care' Programme – tackling the concept of global warming in a multi-tiered form; Theme-based approach to learning to enhance Multiple Intelligences of each child; Value based learning; and Oratory skill development.
UFO Moviez India Limited
YES BANK Limited
[Entertainment] [Financial Sector (Banking)]
Innovation: UFO-M4. Innovation: SIMsePAY.
UFO Moviez India Limited is India's largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform in terms of number of screens using its UFO –M4 Platform. UFO-M4 covers the entire movie delivery process, from encoding, encrypting and compressing of movie files, to transmission and exhibition of the movie. This process provides a fast, secure and tamper-proof method for transmission and exhibition of digital movies. UFO-M4 technology has a variety of technological benefits like: small file size, multiple format support, security features, strong encryption, multi-lingual support, advance sound support, operational efficiency and hardware flexibility. YES BANK Limited is India's fifth largest private sector bank. SIMsePAY, the pre-paid wallet programme is to facilitate and encourage digital mode of payments – pan-India - for any individual with a bank account and a mobile phone. The facility is available 24/7 and works on the basis of IMPS mode of transaction. Before the launch of SIMsePAY, mobile banking was only available to smart phone users with internet or data connectivity while the majority of rural India remained deprived of on-the-go mobile banking. SIMsePAY operates on a unique patented technology that works on encrypted message services provided by any telecommunication service provider.
Edelweiss Financial Services Limited
UAE Exchange & Financial Services Limited Kochi
[Financial Services] [Financial Services]
Innovation: Corporate Controller. Innovation: Xpay.
Edelweiss Financial Services Limited is one of India's leading diversified financial services. Edelweiss developed a new service that could meet the expectations of the leadership and top management and also ensure that the business and operational factors were fully understood in line with Edelweiss concept of Suno Samjhou and Suljhao i.e. Listen, Understand, Remediate (provide solution). The innovative approach was to have a function that provides Assurance (control reviews and deep dives) and yet at the same time builds the softer element through various reward and recognition of employees that strengthen controls. UAE Exchange India provides quality services of foreign exchange and money transfer. XPay cash wallet was named after the company's effort to provide money transfer and payment service at an express/greater pace across nation to the lower strata of the society. Money transfer to bank account using NEFT through mobile app was initiated. XPay is the semi-closed pre-paid interface instrument that facilitates purchase of goods and services and to make utility payments. This virtual card also facilitates instant money loading through branches, agents and websites. Hence by launching XPay, UAE Exchange has higher focus on domestic money transfer service that would catalyze easy money transfer anywhere in India.
Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate
Acer India Pvt Ltd
[Government] [IT]
Innovation: HYDCOP. Innovation: Acer Aspire Swift 7.
Hyderabad City Police operates under a complex organization structure consisting of eight major functional wings and having jurisdiction divided into five zones. HYDCOP is a mobile based application for the internal use of Hyderabad Police, which makes required information accessible instantaneously to the front line police officers that can help in addressing individual needs of the police officers and improve their morale and satisfaction eventually leading to higher standards of their functioning. This has resulted in faster identification and tracking of suspects, quicker resolution of cases, and increased rates of convictions to the offenders. Effective utilization of IT will empower the front line police officers to act with transparency and accountability. Acer India Pvt Ltd is a hardware, software, services company, dedicated to research, design, marketing, sales and support of innovative products. Acer Aspire Swift 7 is the world's thinnest laptop measuring less than 1cm and allows user to get ultimate portability without sacrificing power. The machine weighs only 1.1kg and features black and gold dual tone design which brings touch of elegance to its durable all aluminum uni-body. The laptop houses 13.3” full HD display with a super powerful battery that will last up to 9 hours. Acer has implemented a fan less design in Aspire Swift-7 which allows users to get whisper-quiet operation.
Azeus Systems Limited
Hong Kong
Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd
[IT] [IT]
Innovation: Azeus Convene. Innovation: Virtual Training Centre.
Azeus Systems Limited is an IT solution provider based in Hong Kong. Azeus Convene is a proven meeting solution that enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings, from organizing and distributing materials to conducting, documenting and generating actions. “Convene” is a collaborative tool suitable for various enterprise meetings, and not just board meetings. Convene lets directors securely access meeting materials, review and annotate documents, make decisions from the device of their choice, online or offline, anytime, anywhere. This allows all board members to be on the same page all times to ensure that the right decisions were made. Dell EMC Education Services consists of more than 800 employees from over 30 countries. Virtual Training Centre (VTC) is the brainchild of careful evaluation of the traditional training methodologies and learner experience. Dell has developed a 3D virtual world with real-world scenarios as simulators. Virtual Training Centre not only provides an alternative to physical hardware which helps eliminate hardware dependency, saving time and money, it also seeks to provide a consistent training experience across the globe without the need of an instructor or trainer. Another benefit is that it provides with the option to replicate real time issues for hands - on practice from the learner perspective.
Gensuite LLC
Mahindra Comviva Technologies Limited
[IT] [IT]
Innovation: Gensuite. Innovation: PalmLeaf.
Gensuite LLC, a software developer (SaaS) is a service provider of cloud-based compliance and management systems, help global organizations across a diverse array of industry segments realize continuous improvement and excellence in their risk and compliance management programmes. Gensuite offers proven software application suites for EHS and sustainability, security/crisis management, quality, responsible sourcing and product stewardship. Gensuite has developed a cloud-based solutions to digitized compliance and management systems, providing cloud-based applications that can be used on or off-line, on mobile or on desk top, or at any location and in any language. Mahindra Comviva Technologies Limited is among the leaders of mobility solutions. The company caters one billion mobile users globally. PalmLeaf is a comprehensive Smart Phone focused Learning Solution designed to match learning needs and challenges of modern day employees. It brings together the best of technology, content, and analytics. PalmLeaf was introduced in January 2016 for android and IOS users. Communication interface (mobile app) was introduced along with a library of mLearning courses and built-in analytics capability. Mahindra Comviva designed the Mobigogy Framework, which is the fulcrum of the PalmLeaf solution.
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd
Technical & Production
DP World Nhava Sheva
(Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal Pvt Ltd)
Navi Mumbai
[Media] [Transportation (Ports)]
Innovation: Online UV System for Newspaper Printing Presses. Innovation: Trailer twist Lock Arrester (TLA).
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, commonly known as the Times Group, is the largest media conglomerate in India. The technical and production department conceived and developed hundred percent totally indigenous online UV System for newspaper printing presses which is capable of operating at a high speed. It provides the highest print quality at low cost. The printing process enables newspaper to use glossy, matte, and/or a high-brite paper with special ink i.e. cured through ultraviolet rays. The look and feel of this printing is similar or better than of magazines. Times of India could achieve this system at onethird of the cost of imported system. DP World Nhava Sheva is India's first private container terminal set up in 1997. The innovation 'Twist Lock Arrestor' relates to a device for a trailer twist lock to enhance safety of human being at work in carrying the trailer with container from a terminal to any desired location and vise-a-versa. The said device prevents the misalignment of the twist locks by arresting the movement of twist lock used to lock the container on the trailer. This avoids the driver to get down from the trailer to align the twist lock under the container handling equipment and reduces the risk associated with man-machine interface.
Year 2016
Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Pvt Ltd
Musthafa & Almana
[Construction] [Consultancy]
Innovation: EPC work on Turnkey Basis for Mahatma Mandir Project, Phase 2B. Innovation: Innovative Ecosystem for Legal Framework formed on Musthafa & Almana Startup Support (MASS); Legal Lounge for Business (LLB) and Internal Arbitration System (IAS).
Musthafa & Almana, Legal Practice Firm, established in India in 1992, shifted office to Dubai in 1999 and has a focus on innovation and service in legal and consultancy brand. The company established innovative eco-system with three major elements: Musthafa & Almana Start-up Support (MASS) for providing holistic solution platform to the start-up community; Legal Lounge for Business (LLB) to offer corporate and commercial advisory services to clients across various industries and sectors; and Internal Arbitration System (IAS).
Adani Enterprises Limited
Global Indian International School Pte Ltd
[Diversified] [Education & Training]
Innovation: Unique MDO Model of Mining. Innovation: STEER Process: In-house Developed Innovative Benchmarking Methodology.
Adani Enterprises Limited started its mining business through its unique Model Of Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) contract for development and coal production. The model supports financing the mine and associated infrastructures capex and subsequent operation of the mine for its total life. Over the years Adani's have successfully been involved in selection of suitable green-field coal projects, conduct all free-mining activities including financing all cosys, prepare mine plans and feasibility report and provide all mining and construction services, commissioning and operation under the Model Code of Conduct. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Pte Ltd, Singapore, is privately owned independent company offering K-12 education in Singapore. Global Schools Foundation (GSF) established in 2002 is a pioneer in bringing Indian education to South East Asia and is continually spreading its education services all across the globe. GSF has 20 schools spread over 7 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India and UAE. As per McKinsey report on “How the World's Most improved schools systems get better”, Singapore top the list of Sustained School System Improvers in the world and Singapore School System have improved from fair to good, good to great and great to excellent from 1985 to 2010.
British Orchard Nursery
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited
New Delhi
[Education & Training] [Energy]
Innovation: Baseline Assessment Book – A comprehensive Reporting System Innovation: Bridge Loan Assistance to Renewable Energy Promoters/ Developers against capital subsidies/viability gap funding available under various state/central government schemes.
British Orchard Nursery, (BON) is the largest pre-school nursery chain in UAE, providing education and care to 1500+ children in age group of 2 months to 4+ years. BON has created “Base Line Assessment Book” using the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which was developed in 2007 as a basic reporting system and evolved to guide to provide a comprehensive overview for the learning intentions raised for children in their early years of development and the subsequent attainment by each individual in line with its rigorous curriculum delivery policy. Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd, a non-banking financial company, is a specialized public financial institution for funding renewable energy projects. The innovative financing service of Bridge Loan Assistance to renewable energy promoters/developers against capital subsidies/viability gap funding available under various state/central government schemes is a unique product that has facilitated in executing renewable energy projects.
Union Bank of India
ICICI Bank Limited
[Financial Sector (Banking)] [Financial Sector (Banking)]
Innovation: Customer Service excellence through Green IT Innovative Products. Innovation: One KWP Solar Retrofit System for Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply to Gramin Branches.
Union Bank of India, in association of IRCTC, has launched “IRCTCUnion Bank RuPay Card” the first of its kind where both virtual as well as physical cards are being issued to the customers. It caters to the unbanked segments to those customers who are not having bank accounts by issuing the pre-paid card on submission of their KYC documents. This card has been designed to track frequent travelers who book their tickets from IRCTC website, and can carry out cashless booking of train tickets and hotels. ICICI Bank Ltd with a large number of branches in small and rural villages provides online banking transactions at Grameen Branches. One kWp solar retrofit system has been introduced for ensuring uninterrupted power supply and to overcome the limitation of UPS with two hours battery backup, especially when the electricity supply shut down some time stretches beyond 24 hours. In this case the solar DC Output is connected in parallel with DC Bus bar of existing UPS. This ensures utilization of existing UPS and battery set and only solar panels and intelligent solar charge controller being deployed. Power supply availability is now maintained at 99% and no downtime complaints are received.
HDFC Bank Limited
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited
[Financial Sector (Banking)] [Financial Sector (NBFC)]
Innovation: HDFC Bank Watch Banking. Innovation: DHFL Wealth 2 Health Fixed Deposit.
HDFC Bank has introduced Watch Banking that allows customers to access their bank account and do transactions right from the Apple Watch. Interactive location based offer notification and bill payment alerts with one tab payments offer a truly “bank on the wrist” experience. HDFC Bank is the first bank in India and third across the globe to offer Watch Banking on Apple Watch thus starting a new category in digital banking. HDFC Bank launched a Watch Banking App even before the Apple Watch was available. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd, providing a vast array of home loans, has launched “DHFL Wealth 2 Health Fixed Deposit,” which is a unique fixed deposit that offers a host of health related features and benefits to the customer apart from proper returns. It functions like a normal deposit when the customer is physically fit. But, when the customer is ill, it works like a health fund and pays for expenses. The product is a unique combination of Fixed Deposit and Loan-Against-Deposit and comes along with a DHFL Wealth 2 Health Card that is linked to the fixed deposits and can be used by the customer to get access to a host of benefits related to treatment.
National Payments Corporation of India
Directorate of Commercial Taxes
Government of West Bengal
[Financial Services (Payments)] [Government]
Innovation: IRCTC – Union Bank RuPay Prepaid Card. Innovation: e-Services.
National Payments Corporation of India, promoted by 10 banks, has developed Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) which offers an instant 24x7 x365 inter-bank electronic funds transfers from one customer to another. IMPS in current version processes P2P (Person to Person), P2A (Person to Account), P2M (Person to Merchant), and P2U (Person to Aadhaar)- remittance. The transactions can be originated from multiple channels. The underline concept of IMPS is to provide customers “Any Time, Any Place” real-time remittance access to meet their various payment needs. Directorate of Commercial Taxes under Finance (revenue) Department, the Government of West Bengal has launched e-services. Registration which required at least 3 visits and two months time is now done remotely and in five days. For some specific cases registration is also done within one working day. The way bill has been simplified from two part document to a single document and is based solely on selfdeclaration. Mandatory on-line return has been introduced for all and provision has also been made of facilitation centre to help the small dealers. Chambers of Commerce has widely welcomed this action.
Essel Infraprojects Limited
Ordnance Factory Medak
[Infrastructure] [Government (Defence)]
Innovation: Intelligent Grid with Smart Metering Solution. Innovation: Modernised Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV).
Smart Utility, a part of ESSEL Infraprojects Ltd, has introduced 'Intelligent Grid' with 'Smart Metering' solution as a disruptive business model for distribution companies. The intelligent grid helps in identifying fault detection and online monitoring; power theft; optimize between agriculture, domestic and commercial consumers; and smart metering results in remote monitoring of meters, ensuring accurate billing; and avoid manual errors in meter reading. The pilot project in Muzafarnagar has shown three times increase in revenue; 94% reduction in losses; 100% asset mapping and monitoring; real-time grid control and 99% pre-paid billing accuracy. Ordnance Factory, Medak, one of India's largest engineering and manufacturing defense production unit, has produced the modernized mine protected vehicle, capable of withstanding 15kg TNT blast with improved features and other parameters. The design and development methodologies followed by the factory involved detailed studies of threats faced by police and paramilitary forces.
The New India Assurance Company Limited
Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd
[Insurance] [IT]
Innovation: New India Griha Suvidha Policy and New India Top-Up Mediclaim Policy. Innovation: Click 2 Fix+ - A Technical Support Resolution Tool.
The New India Assurance Company Ltd is a General Insurance Company originally founded by TATAs in 1919, then nationalized and now 100% owned by Government of India. The main objective of the New India Griha Suvidha Policy is to target the average householders contents on “first loss basis” without having to provide the purchase price/proof of purchase like bills, invoices etc. which is a cumbersome process. New India Top Up Mediclaim Policy is a health insurance product providing top-up cover beyond a threshold of 5/8 lakhs up to a total cover of 30 lakhs. The cover can be given on an individual as well as floater basis. The advantage of this product are tax benefit under 80D, hospital cash benefit, get well benefit, 74+day care procedures, etc. Dell International Services India Pvt Ltd, an IT solution provider, has developed the “Click to Fix+”- a Technical Support Resolution Tool with capabilities to restore both hardware and software issues faced by customers. It provides effective, fast and accurate solutions to computer problems, and reduces customer effort to get their issues addressed seamlessly and simultaneously simplifies agent's life to provide better customer experience. It also monitors performance of computers for optimal utilization and pro-actively identify issues. The tool also fixes proactively issues or sends alert for intervention by agents.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Direct Sales Business Unit
Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
New Delhi
[Oil Refining] [Power]
Innovation: Content Management Portal – PACKTREK Innovation: Grameen Vidutikaran (GARV) Mobile App
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd a public sector oil company has launched “Content Management Portal-PACKTREK” as an electronic platform for secured and systematic compilation and sharing of LUBES packaging ar tifacts and documents amongst various stakeholder/users. Internal users include packaging team; external users includes creative agency users and printers; and artifacts are knowledge management and mould management documents. Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd, under the Ministry of Power has launched “Grameen Vidyutikaran” (GARV) Mobile App for better monitoring from the field. REC has appointed electrical engineers – “Gram Vidyut Abhiyanta” (GBA) at block/district level to assist the implementing agencies in expeditious implementation of the programme by conducting extensive field visits and near real-time updating of status through GARV. This innovative solution has helped in greater transparency, public participation and enhancing pace of village electrification.
Tata Steel Limited
JSW Steel Limited
[Steel] [Steel]
Innovation: Pravesh – Steel Door with Wood Finish Innovation: Converting Granulated Blast Furnace Slag into Fine Aggregate.
Tata Steel Limited has developed “Pravesh” a factory finished steel door with wood finish that combines the strength of steel with the elegance of wood. It addresses all the problems experienced in wooden door. It has been designed to be termite-proof, fire- resistant and of a uniform quality at a given price. For the first time, branded steel door is being made available to individual house builders in India. Before Pravesh, steels door were only used for commercial purposes. Heat transfer printing is used for giving the steel door the necessary wood finish. JSW Steel Limited is the largest single location integrated steel plant in India. An innovative technique has been developed for “converting granulated blast furnace slag into fine aggregate” (which is a replacement to river sand) meeting standard specifications for construction purpose. Based on this work, BIS has modified the aggregate specification to include the processed slag. This innovative processes slag is an economically viable and environmentally acceptable alternative material having tremendous economic impact on conservation of natural resources and gainful recycling of process.
Airports Authority of India
New Delhi
[Transportation (Aviation)]
Innovation: No Objection Certificate Application System Version 2.0
Airports Authority of India, managing 125 airports and defense airfields, has developed “No Objection Certificate Application System Version 2.0” (NOCAS) for height clearances with the objective of making a totally paperless, transparent and user-friendly application system having provision for integration with all other regulatory stakeholders, such as Municipal bodies to enable “Single Window” clearances for buildings, structures, or masts located within 56 kms of an airport. The current time of six weeks for issuing of NOC has been reduced to three weeks from the date of application.