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Bosch Limited
HIL Limited
[Automobile Ancillary] [Building Material]
Bosch Limited manufactures fuel injection pumps and common rail system for passenger and commercial vehicles. The company focuses on quality mindset campaigns and zero defect approach and thereby reduced zero KM incidences for mobility business by 25% during the year. Customer focus is achieved by aligning customer quality KPIs with the company's internal quality KPIs. Staffing is done with the motto 'right person with right skill set for right job'. Specific benefits accrue by using process approach conforming to ISO 9001. Company's revenue, by improved quality operations, has grown by 5.6% in 2017-18. HIL Limited provides a range of eco-friendly ready products for roofing and building industry. The company has implemented Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizens for improvement. Various inputs with the process of design and diversification are part of standard operating procedure which includes customer requirements. Risks identified are assigned a 'Mitigation Plan' along with the 'responsibilities of process owners'. The compliance is monitored for all aspects of the business through an in-house compliance monitoring tool 'Kavach'. The revenue growth has been 14% compared to 2016-17 and market share increased from 20.7% to 21.1% during the 2017-18.
Larsen & Toubro Limited
Water & Effluent Treatment IC, Chennai
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited
[Construction] [Consultancy]
L&T – Water and Effluent Treatment IC (L&T – WET) provides complete solution for urban and rural water supply, desalination etc. The company ensured a two-pronged strategy of cost and resource optimization, complemented by significant value addition. Structured method statement and inspection test plan are implemented at project sites to ensure defect-free products in line with customer requirements. All systems and processes are accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 which also covers the risk management process. L&T – WET delivered an impressive return of 37% during the year. Capgemini Technology Services India Limited is a part of Capgemini Group, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. The company promotes robust process approach within the organization with the backup of a strong process framework; and monitoring and reporting system aligned to ISO 9001. Design and development practices are focused on establishing first time right products/services. The business focus on risk and opportunity framework plays an important role in ensuring that risks are identified, analysed and mitigated at all levels in a pro-active manner. Customer satisfaction achieved is 4.42 on a scale of 1-5.
Nestle India Limited
Moga Factory
Tata Global Beverages Limited
Nestle India Limited, Moga Factory manufactures dairy, infant nutrition foods, powdered beverages and food for special medical/dietary purpose. The company's quality management system is a process-based approach, aimed at attaining and maintaining compliance, performance and improving effectiveness of quality system across the value chain. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) has been implemented in line with Codex principles to cover all food safety risks. Quality policy defines major dimensions of work which directly contribute to achieving goals and objectives. Continual improvement and first time right has helped reduce non-quality costs from 0.92% to 0.58%. Tata Global Beverages Limited is the second largest player in branded tea in the world. The work process revolves around a set of related activities that add value and provide required products and services to customers. Specific benefits of continual improvement due to quality measures include reduction of mean time between failures and improvement of productivity. The innovation tool-kit process, developed in-house, enables effective coordination of cross-functional team to achieve business objectives. Company has registered a growth of 9% in operating profits and its market share has grown to 72% in 2017-18 from 24% in 2016-17.
Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Private Limited, Navi Mumbai Varun Beverages Limited
Henkel Adhesive Technologies India Private Limited is a market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. Adoption of ISO standards has helped Henkel to blend process approach and a risk based approach where every process step in analysed for risk and counter measures are defined. Customer inputs and voice are captured and customers are engaged in design and development of new products. Delivery performance is measured through the end customers service level metric and tracked month on month and customer feedback is considered for improvement. The overall savings contribution by quality improvement initiatives across India sites in 2018 is approximately Rs. 44 lakhs. Varun Beverages Limited (VBL) is the largest franchisee in India of PepsiCo. Efficiency of the process improvement is done by monitoring process using one of the seven QC tools, i.e., statistical process control. As a result of following ISO 9001 system, Plant quality score has improved from 94% in 2015 to 96.9% in 2018. VBL is at highest level in CMM (Capability Maturity Model) i.e. at optimising continuous process improvement for quality and food journey. VBL ensures (Poka-Yoke) – mistake proofing for controlling critical processes to ensure quality requirements of customers are met.
Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited
Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) was established by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu during early eighties to produce newsprint and writing and printing paper. Product validation process include specification, field trials, customer feedback, freezing process parameters followed by commercial launch. TNPL adopted the latest automated technologies relevant to conversion of raw product at various stages. Service standards are based on the customer requirement arrived by incorporating National Standards, procedures, specification and third party inspection. Based on training needs, in house programs are organized and for specific skill based programs, employees are nominated to attend external programs.
Year 2018
eClerx Services Limited
GHCL Limited
Gir Somnath (Gujarat)
[BPO] [Chemical]
eClerx Services Limited is one of India's leading IT-BPM company. eClerx has critical business operations services for over fifty global Fortune 500 clients. During transition, the company captures the client requirements and sets up the process based on eADAPT methodology (Assess, Design, Associate, Parallel& Transfer). eClerx has built an organization-wide Operational Risk Dashboard in which details about each process, program and vertical are recorded. Key Risk Indicators identified includes Timeliness, Quality, Productivity, Resource Utilization, Attrition, Business disruption, Legal and Regulatory Non-Compliances. Organizational level Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and client/program-wise BCP plan is in place. GHCL Limited is a public limited company engaged in manufacturing of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. GHCL performs a value chain analysis which can reveal competitive advantage against its competitors, and aims at 'zero' customer complaint by deployment of quality services and solutions for safe loading and transportation of its product. GHCL has identified key corporate governance risks as Stakeholder Management, Policy Breach, Changing Regulatory Requirements, Risks arising from Economic, Environmental and Social Developments. It has a well-defined system in place for control on externally provided processes, products and services.
Exide Industries Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Marketing Division, Quality Control Dept
[Engineering] [Oil Refining]
Exide Industries Limited is pioneer in battery making in India. Total Quality Management is implemented throughout the organisation with efforts focused on Customer orientation, Process improvement & People involvement. Through continual improvement, the company has increased productivity, quality, reduced defects, increased deliverables and reduced cost. Risk Management Handbook has been formulated and distributed to the leadership ranks. Exide is at the Stage 5 of CMM (Capability Maturity Model) and is continuously improving. Existing employees regard the company as unique because of employee empowerment and motivation at all levels. Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the country's flagship Maharatna oil company. Quality Control Department of Indian Oil is at the centre stage of Marketing Division. Online quality monitoring of processes ensures that products do not go off specifications and corrective action is taken on real time basis. The significant risks are identified and defined to ensure that they do not adversely impact the organisation's ability to deliver quality products on time to customers. By implementing Quality Management System, ISO 9001, many improvements were noticed which includes interface handling in pipeline product movement. Focus is to reduce carbon footprints, become water positive and manage waste responsibly.
Hindalco Industries Limited
Renusagar Power Division
Sterlite Technologies Limited
[Power] [Telecom Equipment]
Hindalco Industries Limited, Renusagar Power Division, a flagship company of Aditya Birla Group, operates a coal based Thermal Power Plant with varying technologies and integrated processes. It has identified 8 processes viz, Generation of Power, Steam, DM Water, Coal Handling Process, Ash Handling Process, Raw Material Procurement, Stores & Spares Department and People Development, which are critical for unit to achieve its vision of supplying uninterrupted power. World Class Manufacturing and Quality Circle have been introduced for promoting quality culture within the organization. An online monitoring tool 'Compliance Manager' has been put in place to schedule and track compliances.Generation per person at 3.79 units in 2016-17 compared to 3.63 units in 2015-16 indicates better control in processes. Sterlite Technologies is a global technology leader in smarter digital infrastructure and business spans across products, services and software. Sterlite follows process approach and efficiency of the processes through systematic Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach and Risk-based Thinking. ISO 9001 has provided benefits such as improvement in process, reduction in plant scrap, improved creditability and image. Sterlite Board considers significant risks i.e., financial, supply chain risk, information protection and compliance to rules and regulation. Learning & Development strategy plays a major role in identifying the organisational and individual development.
Year 2017
Hero MotoCorp Limited
WNS Global Services (P) Ltd
[Automobile] [BPO]
Hero MotoCorp Limited is a leading manufacturer of two wheelers. Customer focus, leadership deployment, productivity improvement, people development are the key strategies of top management. TPM – Total Productive Maintenance methodology and cross functional processes are designed and managed to deliver the desired results and implementation of quality management system. Customer feedback is taken as an opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction, and highest priority is given to the matters that impact their customers. Top management conducts management review meeting with departmental heads once in six months. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd is a leading business services provider, dealing with business process, data, industry specific processes, research analysis, technology and human resources outsourcing. The top management provides leadership and direction for quality management. Vision reviews are conducted periodically. Strategic planning process 'Seven Samurai' meeting is held with senior leadership and business unit heads on existing and future strategic planning. It has performance metrics for each process to ensure that service delivery is aligned with their clients' business objectives and meet the agreed service standards. Regular feedback is obtained from the customers for quality improvement.
RITES Limited
PI Industries Limited
[Consultancy] [Chemical & Fertilizer]
RITES Ltd is a Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Railways providing technical consultancy services in transport infrastructure. The key aspects of service delivery performance are included in the quality objectives of Quality Assurance Division which include timely conduct of inspection, reduction of customer negative feedback, compliance to contractual commitments, competence building in new business areas etc. During the interaction with customers the feedback on RITES services is obtained, reviewed for improvement and higher levels of customer satisfaction. PI Industries Limited is one of the leading companies in Agro Chemical Sector. Quality function is headed by a Vice President who reports to one of the Board Directors. Implementation of quality policy and focus on product quality at a competitive price through continual improvement is the main thrust of strategic planning. Effectiveness of the process is measured every time the activity is performed for further improvement. To maintain customer focus, frequent meetings with customers are held; and their concept is implemented.
Lava International Limited
Welspun Corp Limited
[Electronics] [Engineering]
Lava International Limited is one of the leading and fast growing mobile handset manufacturing company. Lava has inculcated quality into every individual DNA by virtue of continual improvement and building excellence in system and process so as to deliver customer delight in their products. In every action, Lava vision is to aim from Good to Great and take leap on product quality by building robust process and system. Lava Quality Management System build with a strategy to become differentiator in market for product quality by leaping from 'reactive' to 'proactive' way of working with a circle of continual improvement towards achieving excellence in Quality Management from design to product execution. Welspun Corp Limited is manufacturing Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Bends. The competitive strategies are developed based upon customized technical requirements of the customers and preventing competition in the market with an objective to present optimized value to esteemed customers. Quality management system includes processes, and their interaction with customers for the use in the petroleum, petrochemicals and natural gas industry. Company's top management has multi-dimensional approach, apart from focus in expertise and work together with the business to identify and develop high potential and high performance employees. Customer feedback is fully studied and effectively utilized for enhancing the customer satisfaction.
L&T Technology Services Limited
JSW Energy Limited
[IT] [Power (Private)]
L&T Technology Services Limited is a subsidiary of L&T and provides research and development services. Quality Management System of L&T Technology Services is based on ISO 9001:2008 requirements and specific certification. The QMS include detailed process, checklists, guidelines and templates to address different types of projects viz: development, maintenance, testing, hardware etc. Processes address complete project management and project development. The leadership encourages employees to work in multiple technologies with a flexible rotation program across customer accounts and promote quality. JSW Energy Limited is a leading power generation company. Potential quality risks and opportunities are identified at each process level and appropriate remedial and monitoring measures are implemented. Critical processes are identified in association with cross functional teams and continual improvement in quality is monitored. Customer's perception of the degree to which the customer's requirements have been met and the customer complaints, are the indicator of customer's satisfactions which is the focused area of top management reflecting quality performance.
NTPC Limited
Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Project
Godrej Properties Limited
[Power (PSU)] [Real Estate & Construction]
NTPC Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Project is the largest power plant in India and is a part of NTPC. Quality is emphasized at each and every stage in the plant as well as with the vendors. Quality of air emissions and discharged water is maintained within the permissible limits. All existing power stations are equipped with continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems. Standardization of vendors has been ensured to maintain good quality suppliers. To ensure high efficiency operation, power unit operate at high loading factors. Godrej Properties Limited is one of the leading real estate development companies. Leadership believes in setting appropriate processes in order to continually improve in its operations. Leadership ensures that all the Quality Management System is designed around their processes. Critical processes are identified on priority for mapping the common elements and integrating them for a smoother flow. Training is oriented to ensure customers-centricity to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer.
JK Tyre & Industries Limited
Vikrant Tyre Plant
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, Vikrant Tyre Plant is a part of the JK Organization. The culture of Total Quality Management is emphasized by the top leadership. A five year strategic business plan is prepared by including all quality management systems. Total productive maintenance combines the preventive maintenance with total quality control and with total employee engagement. Talent management assumes significant importance to address the business challenges and the organization manages and develops full potential of its employees. Suggestions with regard to product quality and services are collected from customers on all issues and are resolved on top priority.
Year 2016
Tata Motors Limited
(India Operations)
Concentrix Daksh Services (I) Pvt Ltd
New Delhi
[Automobile] [BPO]
Tata Motors Ltd (TML) a leading automobile manufacturer has developed its total quality model which focuses on the Board of Directors communicating mission, vision and values to all stakeholders. TML designs and innovates the work system to achieve vision and meet changing customer requirements by using PDCA (Plan- Do-Check-Act) approach to improve overall work system effectively. Customer-centricity is intrinsic to TML culture. Various transactions are monitored by sales and service teams to understand business impact and build customer relationship. Concentrix Daksh Services (I) Pvt Ltd, with a focus on optimization of customer engagement strategy, technology innovation and eco-system performance, has closely monitored the strategy planning in line with three elements – visibility, velocity and value. Each department/function defines its own business process management system documents and its inter-dependence on other functions to be able to deliver on the expected outcome. Customer care is a crucial element for business sectors to provide quality service.
UltraTech Cement Ltd, Aditya Cement Works
PI Industries Limited
[Cement] [Chemical & Fertilizer]
UltraTech Cement Ltd, Aditya Cement Works, manufacturing ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement. It has motivated individual teams to promote culture of continuous improvement and innovation. The organization is focused to improve its process by innovation in every step and continuous monitoring of set key performance indicators. A special focus is maintained towards Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Accountability through application of Strategy, Plan and Goals. Board of Directors of parent company reviews quarterly the information to plan strategies. Capacity resource utilization is measured through indicators like capacity utilization, asset utilization and employee productivity. PI Industries Ltd, Bharuch manufacturing agro-inputs and agro-chemicals, and intermediates, improves the efficiency of operations continually against global benchmarks. The company's vision and mission is implemented through quality policy. A policy of single point contact is followed where a senior member of business development team is responsible to interact with customer and respond to queries by coordinating information from different functions within the organization.
Capgemini India Pvt Ltd
Exide Industries Limited
Bawal (Rewari)
[Consultancy] [Engineering]
Capgemini India Pvt Ltd, leading providers of consulting technology and outsourcing services; Its Board of Directors use collaborative tools and methodologies to governance teams, to add value, mitigate risks, optimize capabilities and align the organization, to achieve the objectives. It designs seamless end-to-end process to meet requirements of clients' alongwith strategic goals and objectives. The company focuses on delivering objective insights into best practices, technology innovations and business transformation. Exide Industries Ltd, the manufacturers of lead acid batteries has competitive strategies that include consideration of four elements: company strength and weaknesses, personal values of the key implementers, industry opportunities and threats, and broader societal expectations. Its collaboration with three of the world's most advance battery manufacturers has resulted in robust manufacturing system of processes, products and services in line with customer requirements. Customer engagement is ensured through meeting and discussions on quality specifications, technical review and warranty review.
YES BANK Limited
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited
Domino's India
[Financial Sector (Banking)] [Food & Beverages]
YES BANK Ltd, India's fifth largest private sector bank uses a participative approach for strategy development and deployment. The product and service design is on customized basis for stakeholder needs and organizational capabilities. The process is engineered based on the final output to be delivered to customers. The bank has established the objectives and has given due weightage depending on the function to align to strategic objectives, in line with its plans to grow while keeping the cost under control. Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, operating Domino’s Pizza brand, has board of directors overseeing that the management serves the long-term interest of stakeholders. Strategic planning exercise is conducted once every year for a span of three years. All the internal stakeholders are involved in strategic planning process. Though adherence to SOPs is at heart of processes, the company provides opportunities to employees to contribute towards betterment of processes by sharing their ideas. The company ensures through quality process to meet customer expectations.
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd
Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Pvt Ltd
Applications Global Delivery India Centre
[Insurance] [IT]
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd follows the regulatory guidelines and the board's approved policies to ensure that the customers get best returns on the policies. SBI Life Insurance has kept speedy service as top priority and decentralized work processes with a view to more empowerment to the branch staff for quick and effective service. It leads in new life business premium among insurance companies. Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Pvt Ltd, the HP's global delivery centre providing applications, infrastructure technology and business process outsourcing services, has its processes managed and improved to ensure alignment to Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Enterprises quality policy and strategy. “HPE requirements” is a robust, easy to use web -based solution that helps customers to define, manage and control software requirements to meet business needs. HPE Customer experience and quality is chartered to establish quality and customer experience as a competitive differentiator.
Reliance Industries Limited
Nagothane Manufacturing Division
Reliance Industries Ltd, Nagothane is a petrochemical manufacturing division, pursuing a strategy to grow by leveraging existing know-how and asset base and invests in opportunities strategic to existing business. The unit follows an Integrated Management System to address the Quality, Environment and Safety aspects. The major strategy has been backward integration alongwith the integration between all manufacturing sites. In line with Quality Policy, and Health Safety and Environment Policy, the unit has designed processes keeping in mind the stakeholder requirements. The core values and customer values are embedded in day-to-day work culture.