Suman Minda

Category : Golden Peacock Award for Social Leadership

Dr. Suman Minda

Chairperson, Suman Nirmal Minda Foundation (Uno Minda Group)

Dr. Suman Minda, Chairperson of Suman Nirmal Minda Foundation (SNMF), is a dedicated leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community development. With over two decades of experience, she has revamped her group's CSR policy, focusing on Education, Skill Development, Preventive & Curative Healthcare, and Community Well-Being. She has expanded the SNMF's flagship project, Samarth-Jyoti, across 7 states with 17 operational centers. She serves as the President of The Suman Nirmal Minda School, a senior secondary institution. Implementing a unique model of Financial Inclusion and Economic Independence, she empowers rural women and youth, emphasizing vocational courses and formal education. Her monthly project reviews ensure program effectiveness. Recognized with multiple awards, including the Mahatma Award for Lifetime Achievement, her leadership has earned SNMF accolades such as the CSR Excellence Award and ET Now Star of the Industry Award. Notable achievements include the CSR Universe Social Impact Award 2022 for Education and the Greentech Foundation's Outstanding Achievement Award in Promotion of Education.