Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by Institute of Directors in 1991, are now regarded as Holy Grail of corporate excellence worldwide.

Today Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat receives over 1,000 entries per year for various National and Global awards, from several countries worldwide. The achievement of the Golden Peacock Award is the most powerful way to build the brand image. The Award winners are eligible to use the Golden Peacock Awards Logo with year on all printed and promotional materials, which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade acclaimed by the company. No business award today receives the kind of recognition and adulation among peers that the Golden Peacock does.

Golden Peacock Awards are being recognized both nationally and internationally across the globe. The Golden Peacock Awards provide not only worldwide recognition and prestige but a competitive advantage in driving business in this tumultuous world. Each award winner is entitled to use the Golden Peacock Awards Logo with year on all printed and promotional literatures, which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade acclaimed by the company.

Only Corporate can apply for these awards based on the prescribed guidelines and Application form available on website. But individual awards are being considered by nomination only. Should you wish to apply for any individual leadership award, please send us your complete profile. There is no prescribed criteria for this. This can be sent through email or post. There is no fee for individual nominations and they will be kept in strict confidence.

The Golden Peacock Awards are considered annually for each single category. They are considered once in a year (different times in a year and few at a time). Please go through the schedule (please follow the tab: Select your Award or as on home page) as available on web and plan accordingly.

All organizations, however large, medium or small, whether in manufacturing, trading service or profession, whether in Government, public or private sector, research organization, NGOs and Service Sector covering all sectors of our business are eligible for the award.

The Golden Peacock Awards are now recognized as the hallmark of corporate excellence worldwide, because of their independence, integrity, transparency. And, through evaluation of application provides opportunity for self-assessment and helps companies accelerate the performance and competition. Winning and getting recognition not only boosts the morale of an organization or a team or an individual concerned for their best of best performance, but also establishes the credibility of an organization or individual.

Step 1: Please Select your award that you would like to apply for.

Step 2: Please download the respective guidelines and application. If unable to download, please send an email at

Step 3: Please complete the Application (Annexures 1, 2 & 3) along with all the Supporting Materials, and send to us in SOFT COPY format through EMAIL to only, along with the processing fee before the due date as notified.

A complete application consists of following documents:
a. Table of Contents
b. Annexure 1 – Application Form
c. Annexure 2 – Business Overview – To provide a summary of the applicant’s business.
d. Annexure 3 – Self-Appraisal Report
e. Supporting Materials (Share the List of the Supporting Materials attached with the application)

The completed Application MUST be shared in SOFT COPY format through EMAIL to only.

If the file size of the application is heavy, it can be shared through / Google Drive / One Drive or any other platform, as convenient to the applicant organization, to only.

Yes, supporting materials are one of the essential documents that need to be submitted along with application form. Moreover, it is a document that adds value to the response, for help in assessment. Cross-referencing of the support material is necessary.

There is no WORD/PAGE LIMIT for compiling the Application, but providing precise information will be more effective.

Yes, you could submit for any number of applications in a year or at a time for various categories.

Your all units can apply separately to create competitiveness within the organization. You may also consider one application by combining the reports and performances of all units.

No, Each innovation has to be submitted separately under this category of award because this award identifies innovation of a particular product or service.

This is the only award, which has meticulously defined and transparent selection criteria and is determined by highly elaborate and independent assessment process. The benefits include:

  • Build your Brand Equity.
  • Award winners can use the Golden Peacock Awards logo with year on all their corporate stationery which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade claimed by the company.
  • Company and personal recognition worldwide.
  • Preparation helps to inspire and align the entire workforce and rapidly accelerates the pace of your improvement. Even if you don't win the award, the feedback from the self-assessment gives a key input to your strategic planning process and puts you on way to achieving world-class status.

The deadlines for submission of applications vary from award to award categories. The last date is not same for each category of award. You can select your award that you would like to apply for, based on your business and performance over the previous financial year. You can check the last date on web and apply accordingly. There is no particular time to submit before the deadline. You could submit your application any time pertaining to the financial year well in advance before the due date.

The Demand Draft/Cheque for the fee must be sent along with the application. Whereas the payment made through Bank Transfer or Credit Card, transaction details need to be shared for tracking the receipts.

Each Award has its own deadlines for the submission of applications as various awards are presented throughout the year during national and international conferences organized by the Institute of Directors (IOD).

Awards are normally being considered under various business sectors to create intra sector competitiveness, only after they are shortlisted for the same. The business sectors are available on web. However the decision of the Jury is final.

The presentation of awards is normally held during national and international conferences organized by the IOD. All organizations are encouraged to publicize their achievements and to share their initiatives with others.

1. Chairman - Hon'ble Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India.

Site visit is not necessary unless and otherwise asked by Jury because our Self-Appraisal report is very exhaustive and it covers all the areas. Site visit is mandatory if it is asked by the Jury. The visit plan is at the discretion of Awards Assessment Board or Jury .These are organized to verify that written submission truly reflects organization’s system and process, and to investigate areas that may be difficult to describe in a short document, and to determine additional facts where appropriate. The cost of the site visits for an Assessor shall be borne by the applicant companies and includes Economy return fare or 2nd Class Rail Travel and Stay for one night, as requires.

No, there may be few questions which are not relevant or applicable to you and in those cases, you are requested to put the remarks as "NA" with a note why it is not applicable to you. It doesn't lower any marks as you will be competing with industries those who are from your respective category.

No, It is not sufficient and relevant by just mentioning that “Refer to Supporting Material for the answer”. If answer to a question is mentioned in any supporting material, extract the exact information and provide a proper write up for it.

Basic Information should be filled up as per the guidelines. The address of the applicant organization must be for the Unit that you are submitting your application and supporting documents.

Individual awards are considered by nomination only. There is no prescribed criterion for the same. You are kindly requested to send the detailed profile of the applicant with list of all achievements to us any time during the year. There is no any stipulated time to consider the nomination. They will be considered appropriately at a particular forum.

The tentative date of Results Announcement has already been notified on web for the calendar. But it may pre-pone or postpone considering the availability of Jury and in some cases where the assessment is not complete The winners will be intimated through email about the announcement of result and Awards ceremony. Others will be sent the Results Sheet followed by the Feedback Report from the Assessment Board.

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, a written report (except for Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award (GPIPSA) & Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award (GPEIA)) incorporating the evaluators’ assessment of organization’s performance against the GPA Framework is forwarded. This report is written in terms of strengths and opportunities for improvement against the assessment criteria and is sent to applicant organisations who were unable to win the Award.

The basis of our evaluation is our mark sheet | assessment criteria which is different for different Awards.

The evaluation process recognizes a variety of conditions under which an organization conducts its activities. Evaluators are required to consider these factors in their assessment of the organization’s performance against the assessment criteria. The decision on whether to conduct a site visit or not, is made by the evaluation team at the short listing stage. Site visit is not an automatic part of the evaluation procedure for clarifying issues raised during the evaluation. The Awards Secretariat constitutes an Expert Evaluation Committee comprising from various sectors are invited to examine the applications. Each of the applications is reviewed independently by assessors and the applications which satisfy the basic review requirements, are short listed for Awards. The applications are assessed on an exhaustive set of parameters as mentioned in the guidelines for a total score card of 1000 marks. Cut-off applied on each application is 80 percent. Entries occupying top positions are recommended for consideration of the Jury.

In case of any queries related to submission of the application forms, you can email us at

Yes, we have the details of our upcoming events and the calendar is available on

The person applying to become an assessor should be an expert in the given category and should send his/her resume to

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any consulting services. But we help and support while preparing the applications.

Due to security reasons, only .PDF file of applications are available.

Towards completion of Vendor Code, each organization has its own format. The same can be sent at for completion and return to you.

Yes, the Golden Peacock Awards is a Registered Trademark. Please beware of imitation.

Award winners are eligible to use the Golden Peacock Awards Logo with year on all promotional literatures, which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade acclaimed by the company.

No. It will be as per the laid down in the application.

All entries will be treated in strict confidence and the entire process is completely confidential.

Yes, the Award Winners can apply for the same award in the consecutive years to maintain the momentum.

Unfortunately, the names of applicant organizations, apart from the Winners, will not be disclosed under any circumstances.