Golden Peacock
Innovation Management Award

Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat has great pleasure in inviting applications for Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award.

If Indian corporations are to leverage human capital for competitiveness, much will depend on their ability to nurture knowledge and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship gets nurtured in those enterprises where the structure is simple, informal and flexible; the leadership is strong and charismatic and employees are imbued with a sense of mission and the culture for innovativeness exists.

Innovative Precepts

In tomorrow’s world, the hallmark of winning organisations will be the ability to solve the challenges of entrepreneurship and knowledge in tandem. Innovation will not flow if its channels are overly constrained or if it is perceived as suitable only for narrow isolated functions. Innovative thought processes should be regarded as potentially valuable and eligible for application in every dimension of business of a corporate- finance, marketing, product development, manufacturing, purchase, public relations and corporate communications and the rest. Superior innovative ideas continually await birth and implementation.

Technological Innovations

The rules of business success have changed and innovation has emerged as a tool for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. Organisations can become innovative by channeling the flow of creative talents of all individuals in the right direction and through top management focus encourage risk taking, teamwork, free flow of ideas as well as provide opportunities for new learning.

While invention requires greater degree of free-wheeling, innovation requires disciplined professionalisation. The need is to be innovative on the right things in the right areas at the right time, to mix the proven and the novel so as to attain an optimum, harmonious ensemble. Innovation must be combined with wisdom stemming from experience, and, for new ideas to yield maximum gains.

Application Fees

A. Application Fee for Indian Organization: Rs. 59,500/- + 18% GST, as applicable.

B. Application Fee for Overseas Organization: USD 1000/- + 18% GST, as applicable.

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