What People Said

The excellence that you recognize today with the Golden Peacock Awards is precisely the kind of excellence that we continually seek.
IOD's commitment to transformation of Indian Stock Market through Corporate Governance is commendable.
Companies need to align their growth aspirations with community development in order to create an inclusive society.
I am extremely grateful for this honourable recognition for my social and cultural endeavours. From very early on in my life, I had a realisation that it was important for me to use my privileged position to make a larger impact in society, especially for those who are socially vulnerable & underprivileged
"I dedicate the award to the Ministry of Economy," Accepting the award, Al Mansoori highlighted the strong relations between India and the UAE and spoke about how the UAE leadership has always provided opportunities for women who wanted to chase their dreams.
It was an honour to be recognized by such a prestigious body. The growth of the Al Habtoor Group is very much aligned with the growth of the United Arab Emirates. It is imperative that the public and private sector work alongside each other for the benefit of the country.
We always aim to add value, think ahead & build a legacy for our customers, our communities & our people and I am honoured to head a company in over 40 countries that has become a leader in our industry.
This recognition only strengthens my resolve to continuously pursue excellence in an ethical manner. We are always committed to our values & a good Corporate Governance which has helped us achieves our business objectives in an ethical manner.
“This is a great honour & this award is a testimony to the fact that we are on the right path and that education will play a key role in revitalizing disadvantaged communities and thereby impacting the social fabric of communities and nations.